Sunset Salutations

Sunset Salutationspoetry, beauty, sunset

the sun dips quietly in the sky

marking the close to another day

my heart fills with gratitude

for the beauty of this glorious moment

sunset, beauty


as the sun dips down

colors stretch across my heart

I melt into peace





Lately, I’ve been watching the sunset as a routine or salutation to wind down the day. It’s a joy having such a beautiful view from Steven’s property. I find peace in taking a few minutes to slow down, savor and appreciate the beauty of life. I especially enjoy watching sunsets, and these beautiful ones looking over the water help me to settle into the present moment, feeling at peace.

sunset, beauty

May your days be filled with beauty and peace, BradΒ 


31 thoughts on “Sunset Salutations

  1. Gorgeous view! I have a pretty awesome view at my place and every once in awhile, I catch myself being in awe of nature’s breathtaking sunsets. It really does slows down life and makes you appreciate the moment fully. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. There’s nothing quite as inspiring as a colorful sunset, the changing hues being a dynamic work of art choreographed by Mother Nature. You have captured its beauty perfectly, Brad – in images and in words. Well done, and thank you!

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  3. Yes, Brad!! Yes!!! This is the place where you connect your inner landscape with the beauty of nature…and amazing things happen in this place. Listen…really listen for the voice that you will hear inside and miraculous things will happen β™‘β™‘

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