Awesome Stories 260

This week Awesome Stories brings you perspective, evolving city planning, regenerative agriculture, cute babies and surprise giving.

One Person, 6 Perspectives

As a hobby photographer, I know how my perspective (focus, filters and location) greatly affects what I see. This fun video shows what happens when our perspective is tilted by judgments and preconceptions. It’s a great reminder to try to look with fresh eyes when we meet people. Or if we are going to use filters, why not use one that looks for the good and best in each person?

Better Cities

I’m glad to see that city planning is getting more ambitious. This article highlights projects around the world where planners are working to create better cities. The projects vary in scope, but seem to be working toward more livable, walkable, connected cities. Maybe city planners have taken notice of how natural spaces bring calm and relief to our senses in the midst of vast concrete jungles!

Unexpected Gifts

Giving doesn’t have to be just for the holidays. In fact, spontaneous giving for no particular reason or season is some of the most fun I’ve had. Please consider these five fun ways to show kindness. More and more, I’m remembering how much fun it is to give to others, especially when it is unexpected. I love suggestion #5 for this reason and #3 for being an avid reader. I notice that giving and receiving are both fun so it doesn’t really matter what side we’re on! Giving kindness is truly a mutual blessing. What are some of the best gifts you’ve given or received?

Baby GoodnessIrish baby names, Awesome Stories

This article is about unique Irish baby names, but what caught my attention were the baby photos. I love the cute expressions on their faces. They’re reminiscent of the baby shots popularized by Ann Geddes. Β Her baby shots are very creative and very staged. I like the simplicity of the ones in this article.

Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is the leading edge of agriculture that blends the needs for food, sustainability, preserving and enhancing nature. If done right, it not only grows food, but builds soil health, preserves water and helps mitigate climate change with massive carbon sequestering. Ernst Gotsch is a pioneer of a special regenerative agriculture that he calls syntropy, because it conscious works to build and enhance life with man’s careful tending. In his form of agriculture, man becomes a true steward helping to enhance nature. Watch the video to learn about his ideas and success. Here is a great collection of resources about regenerative agriculture from the Organic Consumers Org.

Happy Valentine’s Day! May your heart be full of beauty and love.  ❀


18 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 260

  1. It was all fantastic, as usual! πŸ™‚ However, I have to say that the photography experiment was stellar! It made me want to set up a similar opportunity and put several photographers to the task… Could make for a terrific book. Got me thinking now, Brad. And all before the mid-day meal… πŸ™‚

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  2. The first story is one of my favorites, and a great reminder as you say to “try to look with fresh eyes when we meet people.” Great selection of stories here, but the one that really makes me smile is the one about city planners around the world are working to create better cities ~ as cities can inspire like nothing else. Wishing you a great weekend Brad ~ take care.

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  3. Wonderful stories dear Brad.. I was particularly interested in the Regenerative Agriculture article and followed the links.. The video a brilliant choice .. And yes if only we would all change our perspective on how we use our Earth’s resources and farm and utilise her many gifts.. We need to replenish and give back to our Earth.. the soil especially .. Excellent share Brad.. πŸ™‚

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