Heavenly Hummingbird

Heavenly Hummingbird

Ruby Throated hummingbird, S. Dakota

Source: sdakotabirds.com


Bearer of joy and delight

Your shimmering beauty fills me with light

Becoming manna to my soul

While on your heavenly stroll

Nourish me with thy precious flight

Filling me with beauty, grace and delight

Hovering around the petals of my heart

I offer you my joy as return in small part

Maybe in this eternal dance

We each have gained a chance

To meet our needs or simply be

Thanks for filling me with glee

This beautiful song lifts up my soul, and the poem is my attempt to describe the feeling.  I believe that all life is a precious gift sourced from one unifying energy that is called God, Allah, Buddha, Great Spirit and many other names. I am also inspired by the indie films at Offshoot Film Fest, music, dancing and connecting with new friends.

May I learn to see with fresh eyes, finding beauty in every moment, person and situation. Then I will be truly free to fly.

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