Garden Goodness

Garden Goodnesssunflowers, garden delights

oh what a beautiful sight

birds singing in delight

flowers exploding in exotic show

with colors so vibrant they glow

bees sipping on nectar so fine

they’re buzzing in flight divine

hummingbirds dazzling in magic flight

ants marching home for the night

my heart is bursting with love

grateful for the garden goodness above

butterfly, garden, poetry


my humble garden

My garden has been teaming with critters this year. There are ants, butterflies, moths, yellow finches, sparrows, robins and hummingbirds (who seem to like the pink zinnias as well as the red callas) and lots of worms. Even a rabbit visited, but didn’t devour my garden. Thankfully, same with the squash bugs and no deer. Β πŸ™‚



32 thoughts on “Garden Goodness

      • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think your photos are wonderful. I see many photos every month in my groups and I can assure you they are just as good if not better.


      • Thanks Lee, I appreciate your perspective and you can probably tell that I have some perfectionism. πŸ™‚ Plus I really do know that I can create better photos with a better camera. So we’ll see if I splurge on a camera. Thanks for caring and reflecting.


  1. How wonderful, what a joy! I would love the hummingbirds to pay me a visit, and more butterflies as well, but I don’t have a lot of bright blooming things to attract them with. Some day I hope to landscape the side yard here with more colorful, sun loving blooms, but right now I just don’t have the space. Your garden looks lovely Brad, and the poem is great as well, thanks so much for sharing it! πŸ˜€


    • Thanks Julie. We do what we can. I wasn’t doing well with veggies and realized that I find much more joy in flowers. I’m glad to share my little slice of garden goodness with you until you find a way to fit in some flowers. XD


  2. Hello Brad! I did some gardening this morning for I’m presently on vacation. It’s like a meditation. My garden is my church… as a gardener I’m sure you will understand me! You have humming birds in your garden!? Is it Heaven??? Living near Paris it sounds so incredible for me… however, on Sunday I saw a hedgehoh running accross the garden! Nice visitor, because I really have to many snails… but unlike you I have no rabbits! Do you have fireflies??? They are my favorite insects, the last time I saw them was in Chicago in july 2003… thank you for this beautiful poem and the wonderful photos (the one with the butterfly on the flower is amazing!).


  3. How nice Frederic. You’re so committed to your “church” that you garden on vacation?! πŸ™‚ Yes, gardening, weeding, and watering are often soothing and meditative. I worship at the altar of nature too. XD.
    I feel very blessed and grateful for the hummingbirds, and yes we have had a few more fireflies this year. I’m hopeful that their magical presence is growing again. There haven’t been many in recent years. Thanks for your kind words, support and sharing my posts. Have a great vacation. I’ve never been to Paris or Europe, but hope to one day.


  4. My, my! I like these lines, especially:
    “…hummingbirds dazzling in magic flight
    ants marching home for the night…”
    Very nice. Isn’t it rewarding and joyful to have a garden teeming with life? (Except the pesky wild wabbits and mosquitoes and earwigs…)


    • Zippity do da day! XD You remind me to play more. Thanks! Ivy sounds pretty good to me with my vast suburban yard with too much grass, mowing and edging. The beds were to reduce my work, but not sure that plan succeeded. Thankfully, there are flowers and beauty.


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