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Awesome Stories 357

This week Awesome Stories brings you diversity, flower power, and hummingbird magic. The Power of Diversity  Intolerance of ambiguity is the sign of an authoritarian personality. ~ Adorna Elif Shafak explores the power of diverse thought in her TED Talk. I love how she starts her talk with the question “Can you taste words?” The…

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Hummingbird Magic

Hummingbird Magic ~ hummingbirds flying joyful dancing in midair magic in motion ~ This beautiful watercolor was created by Janet Weight Reed. She is a masterful painter who loves to share her passion for hummingbirds, creating, and teaching. If you don’t know her, I encourage you to explore her art and life lessons at My Life As…

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Hummingbird Joy

Hummingbird Joy ~ buzzing wings in flight joyful expressions of light beauty and delight ~ Recently, I’ve been enjoying the joyful paintings of Janet Weight Reed. Her flowing watercolors warm my heart. I encourage you to visit her site and explore. Thanks for allowing me to use your lovely paintings Janet!

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Hello Sweetness

Hello Sweetness flowers beckoning wings hovering in the air sipping sweet nectar ~ hummingbird visits awaken blissful feelings dancing in my heart ~ Hummingbird photo from Facebook, Guia de Jardinia page. I’m grateful that hummingbirds are visiting my yard and flowers daily. I tried to capture their joyful dance with my cellphone. Here’s a poor…

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Garden Goodness

Garden Goodness oh what a beautiful sight birds singing in delight flowers exploding in exotic show with colors so vibrant they glow bees sipping on nectar so fine they’re buzzing in flight divine hummingbirds dazzling in magic flight ants marching home for the night my heart is bursting with love grateful for the garden goodness…

Heavenly Hummingbird

Heavenly Hummingbird   Bearer of joy and delight Your shimmering beauty fills me with light Becoming manna to my soul While on your heavenly stroll Nourish me with thy precious flight Filling me with beauty, grace and delight Hovering around the petals of my heart I offer you my joy as return in small part…


Awesome Stories 1.39

This week’s Awesome Stories bring heart warming stories of kindness, hummingbirds, beauty, human touch and solar buses. Hummingbird Don’t Fly Away If you are near my age or a Seals and Crofts fan, then you may recognize that line. Their music touched me deeply as a teen. Here’s a fascinating video about hummingbirds. Their beauty and abilities amaze me. I love watching…