Awesome Stories 1.41

Another week of Awesome Stories with green roofs, age defying grandmothers, kindness, eco bikes and more.

The Empire Strikes Back!Awesome Stories 1.41

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the silly headline. The Empire State Building continues on its quest to be the ‘greenest’ building in the US. The building already achieved LEED Gold certification and is buying 100% of it’s energy from renewable sources. Now, they recently installed four green roofs covering nearly 10,000 square feet. They choose Xero Flor Green Roof System using pre-vegetated green roof mats. The goal is to reduce water runoff, air pollution and energy usage. New York City is becoming a mecca for green building. Go NYC!

Age is Just a Number

Ernestine Sheperd certainly lives by this motto. At 75, she is the world’s oldest competitive body builder. More than the body building, she considers it her mission to teach others about health, exercise and attitude. She shares some great life lessons and definitely walks her talk.  Watch this video; you might be surprised at her dedication, vitality and training routines.

Cool Bike System

How would you like to have your bike safely stored, yet instantly available when you want it? Bike storage, parking and safety can be a big problem in Japan, but here’s a fun solution by Giken. They designed an automated system that stores bike underground solving the problems of safety, crowding and weather protection all at once. Bikes are picked up at automate kiosks around the city.

Wind Blows BackAwesome Stories 1.41

Solar and wind generated power are racing to see who gets to claim top dog in the world of clean, renewable energy. According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, new solar power capacity will exceed wind power for the first time in 2013 ( 36.7 vs 35.5 GW). This idea might help wind power surge. A study by Caltech suggests that an array of vertical turbines could be 10 times more efficient than horizontal axis ones. Here is a very cool design by Windenergy that maximizes wind power from very low winds. Like all vertical turbines it doesn’t have to face into the wind, plus is quieter and bird friendly. Plus their Windy turbines can be combined with solar using the same inverter. A win for all.

Spread a Little Kindness

The 21 day kindness challenge is complete, but has sparked another wave of kindness circling the globe. This touching video from “Nimo” Patel is helping spread the joy that we experience by touching others. Participating in the challenge has created a renewed desire for me to continue with my acts of kindness. Watch the video if you want to get inspired!

100% Renewables for the Planet

This article in Scientific American lays out a plan to create 100% of the world’s energy demand from ONLY renewables by maybe 2030. The authors lay out what seems to be a very well researched path to divest of fossil fuel usage and their huge environmental costs. As they point out, the main challenge is political rather than technical. I wonder how we could all promote this idea? Maybe start with sharing the article.

Envy to Compassion

This article offers 5 great tips for dealing with envy. My favorite is compassion. What’s yours?

I hope you have an awesome week, maybe starting with contentment for your life as it is.


2 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 1.41

  1. 1) Leave it to the Japanese; 2) Love the competitiveness between solar and wind energy developments and; 3) When dealing with envy (a word I intentionally avoid) I’m all for appreciation and abundance (which is #5 in the post). Lots of interesting ‘stuff’ here, Mr. Volz. Thanks. 🙂


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