Awesome Stories 1.40

This week in Awesome Stories you’ll find passion, solar towers, wind cooperatives, gratitude and ecoliteracy.

The Power of Passion

Awesome Stories 1.40

Maggie Doyne and her students: photo source Daily Good

This young woman is inspiring. Maggie Doyne decided to travel and explore before going to college. Seven years later, she never did make it to college. Instead, she has started a school for orphans and found her passion! On her travels to Nepal, she was so touched by the harsh conditions for many children in the village that she started paying for kids to enroll in school. When that didn’t seem like enough, Maggie helped create the Kopila Valley Children’s Home for Orphans. Wow!

Solar Tower Power

California continues to lead on the renewable energy front. The first giant concentrating solar tower for the Ivanpah project just went live on Tuesday, Sept 24 in the Mojave Desert. The 377-megawatt power plant uses giant mirrors to concentrate sun power on receivers atop towers, heating water to generate electricity, Once all units are online, it will be the world’s largest solar thermal plant.

Gratitude Rocks!

More studies keep showing how gratitude is one of the leading contributors to our happiness. Here’s a touching video that demonstrates gratitude in action. I bet it will make your smile and/ or cry too. I like the reminder that when we’re not happy is often the best time to use some gratitude to boost our well being. Here’s a post I wrote about gratitude and the art of life. Enjoy!

Cooperative Energy

Awesome Stories 1.40

Cooperative Wind: photo from The Energy Collective

The Dutch just set a crowdsourcing record by raising 1.3 Million Euros in 13 hours for a new cooperative wind project. This cooperative model of energy generation is becoming very popular around Europe.The cooperative owners will receive 500 kw of wind energy for 12 years per share purchased, along with an app to track when the wind energy is being generated to help match supply to demand. Power to the people!

Nike Hits a Home Run!

Nike hasn’t always been the best model of corporate citizenship, but I applaud their new store in Shanghai. This innovative store was designed by Miniwiz Sustainable Development Ltd, who have build other leading edge buildings. The store was built from 100% recycled materials and no glues so that everything can later be recycled too! They used things like recycled CDs for the ceiling panels and recycled aluminum cans for wall joints. Now, I wonder if they can do that with the shoes themselves. Then I would be a raving fan!

Ecoliteracy at School

I hope more students are taught ecoliteracy, especially as practiced in the story from this post on 5 ways to develop ecoliteracy. Ecoliteracy is a term to describe learning about ecological/ natural systems and developing a more holistic, system based approach to life and learning. These leading edge programs are helping kids to develop empathy for all life on earth, understanding how nature works and how we are all connected.

What new energy is moving in your life? Care to share?

6 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 1.40

  1. Bravo, Maggie Doyne! I linked her website and forwarded it to one of my nieces who spent a summer in India and will return there in January for a collegiate year abroad. Granted, it’s not Nepal but who knows how it may inspire her. She’s a lot like Maggie.

    The gratitude video did bring tears to my eyes. Good tears, of course. Consider it borrowed as I’ll use it in one of my posts – with due thanks to my friend, Mr. Volz. 🙂


  2. Thanks Diana, Maggie’s story touched several of us. I think it’s an deeply human trait to connect with hero stories as you’ve been writing about. And for me, I’m greatly touched when it’s an ordinary person maybe doing a simple act of kindness that ripples through lives. blessings, Brad


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