integrating with the divine

Sacred Union

Discontent is the divine’s call to sacred union. One of the grand ironies in life is that we are already whole and divine, but we often feel separate and broken. Love and acceptance are the keys to integrating our various aspects and consciously uniting with the divine. This animated video is hilarious. It humorously illustrates the…

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The Dance of Love

The Dance of Love  your kiss the caress of honey melting my hard edges your gaze the touch of angels soothing my soul ~ your presence lingers shining in my heart radiant as a full moon circling and entwined ~ in a sacred dance bodies as holy temple we worship the divine burning the dross…

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Dance of Delight

Dance of Delight wings quiver and shake seeking nirvana in bloom blessed pink nectar ~ sweet sacred union the holy dance preordained delight now complete

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An Ode to Simple Souls

An Ode to Simple Souls . We yearn for simplicity Not necessarily of empty mind Merely the deeply peaceful kind Where bodies, minds and souls Are joined in blissful roles A rest from bustling life Filled with endless striving and strife . This is the land of grace Where a simple smiling face Can last…