Sacred Union

Discontent is the divine’s call to sacred union.

One of the grand ironies in life is that we are already whole and divine, but we often feel separate and broken.integrating with the divine

Love and acceptance are the keys to integrating our various aspects and consciously uniting with the divine.

This animated video is hilarious. It humorously illustrates the differences in our right and left brain functioning. Much of my life I have felt the pull (even warring) between these diverse aspects of myself. We all express our right and left brain traits to varying degrees. The polarity between the two seems extra divergent in my case, but maybe that’s my left brain talking. Plus we have various aspects of our personality, mind, body, emotions and spirit to make peace with.

Thankfully, I’m mellowing these internal struggles as I learn to embrace, encourage and accept all of myself. I’ve been practicing radical self love, offering myself love and compassion no matter what I think, feel, do or experience.

Matt Kahn would suggest our problem is trying to be spiritual and modifying our behavior in an attempt to find happiness, love, enlightenment and other ideal future states. We imagine divinity as requiring certain behaviors and conditions. His latest teachings encourage us to celebrate everything that arises within and without in our experience. In other words, accept every thought, feeling, action and experience as the divine at play. When we trust life and the divine, our life flows with grace and ease. The more we accept, embrace and zestfully celebrate the divine in everything, the more we align with the divine and our life flows.

Whatever arises. Love that. This is the heart of awakening. ~ Matt Kahn

Matt suggests we focus on the present, find more things we are doing right, compliment ourselves and others routinely throughout the day. Do not mess with our problems or try to be a certain way. Simply love whatever arises, offering only love, celebration and acceptance. Lately, I’ve been practicing complimenting myself for everything, even the anger, sadness, losses and more. Matt’s point is that we are not trying to change or control ourself or our experiences. We simply accept, own and celebrate everything, thereby dissolving judgment and the illusion of separation from the divine. As we honor the divine in all, we come to realize that the divine operates within every experience for our benefit. And the more we embrace everything as divine, the better our lives will flow.

If you’d like to learn more about Matt Kahn or his latest teachings, here are his videos on YouTube.

Only by celebrating everything first, exactly as life shows up, will we find the peace, love and joy we seek.


Peace out! musebrad



18 thoughts on “Sacred Union

  1. I can so relate 😉 I think I hear those two sides of my brain going at it each day – back and forth. I begin to get so focused on swinging from one end of the pendulum to the other, that I miss out on everything that is right in front of me.

    I seem to live on the extreme edge – left brain or right brain, not both. I love the thought process to just appreciate, let it flow, don’t force anything, and just pay attention to the here and now. Thanks Brad, perfect timing 😉

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  2. I’m still laughing!!! 😀 That’s a good little story, and I’m sure something like that goes on in there! 😉 I love those animated short films especially the ones with something inspirational. I might share that one my main Tumblr blog, it’s worth passing the laugh around! I loved it when they stopped fighting in there and worked together, but her final words just kind of knocked them out – and I don’t blame them!! 😀

    Our brains are a complicated place at times. I’ve not had so much a self loathing or disappointment but I have had to deal with panic attacks at times, and although it’s been uncomfortable, embarrassing even, I’ve actually learned so much about myself and the way our minds work from those failed moments. It is important to be kind to ourselves because anything else won’t achieve a positive result.

    I hope you continue to learn to have compassion and acceptance for yourself Brad, and move more in the direction you desire – it’s the only way to go! 🙂

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  3. I’m glad you found humor in that wild animation Suzy. XD Laughs and sharing are good. 🙂 There are many mysteries to life, including our brains, minds, universal mind and more. As you wisely mentioned, often the best we can do is be kind and gentle with ourselves. I’m sorry that you have panic attacks, but it seems that you’re discovering hiddens gifts and strengths.

    May we all learn to be more kind and compassionate. blessings


  4. Wonderful video Brad.. and I will be following up that link on Youtube.. We have to find humour especially in our now moments.. ” When we trust life and the divine, our life flows with grace and ease”… Yes it does Brad… We just have to keep reminding ourselves as we look in the mirror to trust life.. and smile at what shows up in it.. 🙂

    ( I may be quite for a few days Ive got more decorating showing up in mine 🙂 xxx

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  5. Great post Brad, and loved the video! I think we’re all subject to that dichotomy, the heart and the mind, the devil and the angel, rationalisaton and inspiration, the artist and the critic. Learning how to guide our behaviour to the correct mode at the appropriate time is an essential skill to learn 🙂

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  6. Love this Brad!! It speaks such honesty and clarity really. The more we struggle and refuse to accept what IS…the harder life becomes. Yet if we can accept and as you state, embrace it all…oh, imagine how our lives can be opened!! Thanks for the reminder…I am very grateful for your wisdom and even more so for your friendship! ❤

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