An Ode to Simple Souls

Ode, Poem, Soul

An Ode to Simple Souls


We yearn for simplicity

Not necessarily of empty mind

Merely the deeply peaceful kind

Where bodies, minds and souls

Are joined in blissful roles

A rest from bustling life

Filled with endless striving and strife


This is the land of grace

Where a simple smiling face

Can last a moment or change our day

An act of kindness to light the way

A caring touch to ease the weight

From challenges and earthly gait

Come sit with me for a spell

Your company a precious well

The comfort and ease from sharing

Your simple gift of caring



This is my first poetic post, thanks to inspiration from the evocative posts at The LUGGAGE Lady. Thanks Shauna..


4 thoughts on “An Ode to Simple Souls

  1. My Dearest Brad, Okay…so, YOU just made my year!! 🙂 To read your beautiful words was gift enough — but to then see your gracious note?! Well…I don’t even know how to thank you. Writing is hard and terrifying and a bit like standing in the middle of a room with nothing on. At times, I wonder how much longer I want to “put myself out there,” and then a soul like yours comes into my life from the wild blue yonder and renews my faltering spirit…I loved everything about this piece. May this mark the beginning of your poetic endeavors! xoxo


    • Wow! Thanks back Shauna,
      I’m delighted that we seem to be muse, mirror and motivators for each other. It has been a pleasure to read your blog and get to know you a little through your words I totally relate to putting yourself out there and wondering why, how long, etc. Maybe a writer’s curse or normal questions? I’ve considered stopping or greatly cutting back the blog, but you and my experimenting with topics and styles seems to have reinvigorated me and the readers. Thanks!!


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