More Nesting

I’m back from my trip and learning how to make the best of where I am. For much of my life, I looked to change circumstances to feel better, believing I needed things a certain way in order to be happy. Lately, I spend more time looking for the good in where I am and…


~ unpacking my life excitement of beginnings transformation time ~ I made the move and am starting to nest and settle in my new apartment. It feels very good to have my own place after sharing houses for the last 6 years. I knew I wanted my own place, but am surprised at how good…

Silken Treasures

Silken Treasures ~ silken petals inviting me inward following the velvety curves my heart warms and begins to hum enjoying your delicate treasures  I find the core of peace home at last ~

poetry, home, garden

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home after endless search stillness feels good to his heart time to rest his soul ~ he realized home was closer than imagined right in his garden