More Nesting

I’m back from my trip and learning how to make the best of where I am. For much of my life, I looked to change circumstances to feel better, believing I needed things a certain way in order to be happy. Lately, I spend more time looking for the good in where I am and being grateful for what I have.

My front patio.

Being back east with my family was good practice for me. Hanging out with friends for a birthday celebration, they commented how I seem more at peace. I’m feeling more content with less need to change my circumstances, other people, or waste my time on complaining about things. Instead, I focus more on the present moment and how to make the best of it.

The view from my patio.

We all need to feel at home. My new apartment continues to give me an outlet for nesting and creating home where I am. I spent much of the weekend pruning bushes and planting flowerpots since we aren’t allowed to plant in the ground. I’ve also been helping neighbors with their pruning and general cleanup around the pond.

The view from the bridge.

I’m very grateful for my home, neighbors, health, plants, and time with family.

My neighbor’s garden.

Linda has the only in-ground garden allowed in our complex as it was installed before the new owners changed the rules to prohibit gardens. Only potted plants are allowed now. Thankfully, Linda is happy to share her garden and even some plants.

May you find ways to nest and feel at home.


62 thoughts on “More Nesting

  1. Thank you for this sweet blog post, Brad. I like the view of and from your patio area! These sentences jumped out at me in particular: “Lately, I spend more time looking for the good in where I am and being grateful for what I have.” May your wisdom ripple into all of our lives… Think of how many trillions of dollars of advertising dollars (and creativity and psychological research) are devoted to making us feel dissatisfied with our lives β€” how we look, where we live, how we decorate our homes, what we eat, what kind of car we drive, where we vacation, etc. etc. etc. Your wisdom is an antidote to all of that!!!

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    • You’re most welcome Will. I’m grateful that my words can help guide and soothe you. Yes, our current system seems designed to keep us divided, dissatisfied, and buying stuff we don’t need. Let’s choose love and unity. πŸ™


  2. Such a beautiful and invaluable share Brad! I love this so much and couldn’t be happier to feel your peacefully centering into the nature of you. There is so much to be grateful for and we’re grateful for your beautiful spirit lighting up the world. Thank you for being a guiding light toward unity and love.

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  3. That space you have landed for yourself is just wonderful feeling…It’s calm and beautiful. So glad that worked out for you, it seems like a positive move forward for you too…Love your intentions with your life. It is all about what we make of it now isn’t it? Well done Brad. Enjoy your summer ahead…VK πŸ™‚

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  4. Hi Brad,
    This is a great post! It is great when we realize that we can be happy right now, right where we are, with what we have.
    You new place is lovely. You have the best view, and it does seem you have great neighbors too! I am so happy for you!

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  5. Your Neighbours garden looks lovely as does yours Brad… So pleased they allow potted plants…
    It feels as if something within you has shifted a little Brad that has allowed you to live in that moment and release and let go more….
    Living in gratitude brings a sense of peace for what we have…
    While it was so good to visit your mum, its always good to come home.. πŸ˜€

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  6. Ah, I tried to comment yesterday but WordPress wouldn’t let me. I hope this one is allowed! I do love the view from your patio, Brad! It’s gorgeous. And your Zen flowerpot garden. I am glad you are feeling more contentment and peace!

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  7. β€œBe the change” echoes so beautifully through your reflections and new residence Brad. Thank you for sharing these parts of your journey with us. Your words give me hope and peace. In this together β€œwalking each other home”. Andrea πŸŒΊπŸ’ž

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    • I love your associations Andrea and have always loved the idea of walking each other home on this life journey. Thank you for the reminder to hold each other with care and sacredness. πŸ™πŸ’•


  8. Beautiful writing and photos (your neighbor’s garden is wonderful). There is so much truth to where one puts their focus ~ ignore the negative around you and complaints and unhappiness tend to vanish… and it seems you are enjoying those small (but many) beautiful pieces of a day that can add up to something special. A great read, but an even better lift to the spirit to see you so well. Cheers ~

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    • Thanks again Randall. Yes, I’m learning to embrace more of good and beauty around that helps me move forward in these challenging times. I’m glad you found something to lift your spirits here. take care,


  9. I feel calm and peace from reading this post, Brad. Good you got to spend time with your family. Sounded like a good time. Really liked how you say this, ‘I focus more on the present moment and how to make the best of it.’ There’s only so much we can get out of worrying about things or complaining as you said. Like you I have been focusing on being more present and what I can do with my time right now.

    Good to hear you are enjoying your apartment. To me, ‘home’ is ambiguous given that I don’t feel I belong anywhere. Then again, I do like a space where I can rest and relax each day, so I guess that’s home to me. Hope you are well and enjoying summer, Brad πŸ™‚

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