Where I'm From

Where I’m From

I don’t often play along with writing prompts and challenges, but this one caught my attention. Brooke from A Gypsy’s Tale wrote her poem based on the poem of George Ella Lyon. Their poems are in the style of Dr. Seuss, but with a twist. They’re meant to be a creative life story using the…

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Awesome Stories 359

This week Awesome Stories brings you coral art, social capital, and sharing stories. Coralium French artist Mlle Hipolyte has created a stunning 3D paper sculpture representing a coral reef. The sculpture, called Coralium, highlights the variety of colors, sizes, and shapes of the ocean’s coral in one vibrant piece. It also gives a dramatic sense of the…

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Golden Lights

Golden Lights ~ moonbeams and sunlight dance on ripples of water beacons for my heart ~ ~ I’ve always enjoyed the dancing of light over rippling water. It both soothes and mesmerizes me.  

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Awesome Stories 358

This week Awesome Stories brings you Homeboy Industries, stone appreciation, and the secret to happiness. Homeboy Industries Father Greg started Homeboy Industries as part of Dolores Mission with the idea to invest in gang members rather than simply incarcerate them. Based in the LA with one of the largest gang, prison, and poverty populations in the…

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Flowing Waters

Flowing Waters ~ flowing waters sing beauty, power, and motion celebrate the flow ~ We recently had a week of rain, and now our rivers are flowing with joy and power. We really needed the water to refill our dry land, lakes, and rivers. There was so much rain, we even had some flash flooding. I’m…

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Awesome Stories 357

This week Awesome Stories brings you diversity, flower power, and hummingbird magic. The Power of Diversity  Intolerance of ambiguity is the sign of an authoritarian personality. ~ Adorna Elif Shafak explores the power of diverse thought in her TED Talk. I love how she starts her talk with the question “Can you taste words?” The…

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Hummingbird Magic

Hummingbird Magic ~ hummingbirds flying joyful dancing in midair magic in motion ~ This beautiful watercolor was created by Janet Weight Reed. She is a masterful painter who loves to share her passion for hummingbirds, creating, and teaching. If you don’t know her, I encourage you to explore her art and life lessons at My Life As…

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Storms Brewing

Storms Brewing ~ darkening skylight lenticular clouds building thunderstorms brewing ~ I love watching storm clouds brewing, especially from a distance where I can see the clouds billowing and building. This electric photo was taken by Zachary Hargrove of Furious Skies. May we learn to watch our inner storms with similar curiosity and detachment. 🙂