The Beatles, Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields Forever

Strawberry Fields Forever ~ I hopped in my Yellow Submarine to visit Penny Lane and the Beatles. Some of us have never lost the belief that after a Hard Days Night, All You Need is Love. I walked over to Sgt. Pepper and asked him to Let It Be. But Hey, Jude wasn’t falling for…

elementals, nature poetry

Elementals #5

Elementals #5 ~ forest and fungi the synergy of shared growth elemental play  ~ I have long been fascinated by fungi and mushrooms. Fungi are heterotrophs that obtain their carbon and energy from other organisms. Some fungi obtain their nutrients from a living host (plant or animal) and others obtain their nutrients from dead plants.      

yellow coneflowers, poetry

Perennial Rockets

Perennial Rockets   yellow coneflowers setting the prairie aglow rockets of desire ~ The Yellow Praire Coneflower is a native of the Great Plains which can reach heights of 5 feet. The cheerful petals that sweep backward from the center cone bloom from May to September. This is another stunning image taken by my friend Gayle…

Good News Becomes Awesome Stories

Originally posted on writing to freedom:
How do you like the new name, Awesome Stories? During a conversation with a friend at a party, it became clear that ‘Good News’ doesn’t have the universal appeal that I want for this series. Many people associate the term with the Christian faith and spreading ‘good news’ in order…

rain, play, poetry

Splish Splash Bath

Splish Splash Bath ~ splish splash I was taking a bath wind and rain goin’ on the warpath got me shaking in my boots they’re tearing out my roots better to hide inside than jive lest we lose the joy of being alive oh me oh my, the rain is hard  stuck inside with my…

Awesome Stories 251

Originally posted on writing to freedom:
This week Awesome Stories brings you last wishes, Mother’s love, active tolerance, Leaf love and creative housing. Last Wishes I love the mission of this organization. The Ambulance Wish Foundation, started by an ambulance driver named Kees Veldboer, offers dying patients the opportunity to have their last wish fulfilled. They provide…

mushrooms, poetry

Mushroom Musings

Mushroom Musings ~ mushrooms glowing in the shade psychedelic colors on parade fungi bending time and space takes me to a happy place cant wait to see their faces I’ll see you at the races come and taste the magic ~ These mushrooms were intriguing with their the glowing color and the fuzzy texture, but not…