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Powerful Prose

Powerful Prose ~  poets rise up ponder, prepare, proclaim harness the power of words pen poignant prose catalysts creating change creative caring community energy infused words  passion, power, purpose a noble mission will you join ~ Amanda Gorman has inspired the nation with her poetry reading at President Biden’s inauguration. I have mixed feelings about…

I Have a Dream

I Have a Dream

I Have a Dream Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.  ~ Dr. Martin Luther King I dream of the day when we achieve Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream of living in a world where we treat each other with love as brothers and sisters, living in peace and…

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Macro Moments

Macro Moments ~ velvety textures plant life brimming with color my silken treasures ~ I’ve been busy with a new job and not very inspired to write, so here is a short poem and update to say hello, Happy New Year, and thanks for being part of my online family. I appreciate each of you.…

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The End of Self-Improvement

The End of Self-Improvement This is my New Year’s gift to you; part love letter, part kick in the pants. Please take what serves you and discard the rest. These are my truths, not necessarily yours. You do not need to fix yourself. You are not broken. You are enough. You may not like everything…

christmas miracle

Christmas Miracle

Christmas Miracle ~ a rare winter snow sparks childhood glee and magic shared heart to heart ~ ~ We haven’t had any snow in about 5 years, except for a couple of dustings that lasted mere hours. Even this miracle event was only about 2″ of snow, but it brought so much joy to those…


Holiday Hygge

Holiday Hygge ~ My post was inspired by Kristine’s musings on coffee and hygge. Hygge is a Danish word for coziness or simple comforts that bring feelings of wellness and contentment. It means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying life with good people. Hygge reminds us of the importance of simple comforts in our lives,…

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Melancholy Moments

Melancholy Moments ~ hazy mist conceals dark melancholy moments hidden dangers lurk ~ cloudy perspectives landscapes shrouded in gray fog time to look within ~ This is my contribution to Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday with the image and Sue Vincent’s haiku as prompt.  #TankaTuesday, #MelancholyMusings

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Musing for Moka

  Musing for Moka  Thanks to Diana for the nudge to go looking for my missing muse. She and her muse have a tortuous relationship, which apparently works well for both of them. Her mercenary muse is a foul smelling hunk with serious control issues. May your relationship be long and ornery! If you want…

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A Season of Change

A Season of Change ~ earthy smells delightful colors a time for letting go slowing and savoring decay lingers in the air the leaves are falling nature is storing her energy Joe Biden is President-Elect hope is in the air ~