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Love Beads

Love Beads ~ waterdrops caress soft petals oozing with life water becomes love ~ a rose filled with love sensual petals glowing my heart dreams of you  

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Awesome Stories 307

This week Awesome Stories brings you floating cities, peace, beautiful business, and music for change. Floating Cities Blue21 is a social design company that wants to help inspire and empower cities to expand onto the water. They believe communities on water might be our best hope for dealing with climate change challenges and are focused…

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Lichen Yew

Lichen Yew ~ fungus and algae symbiotic relations glowing in the sun ~ I love how this lichen is almost a neon color and glowing in the sunshine. It almost looks painted on the tree. Some people dislike lichen on trees and believe that it is a sign of poor tree health. The science I…

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Calling Cupid

Calling Cupid ~ this boy is ready for romance happy feet itching to dance ready for rock, roll, or swing or maybe two-step is your thing ~ dance into these tender arms surrendering to the charms with promises to nurture your heart giving romance a joyful start ~ Once again I’ve enjoyed letting my imagination…

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Awesome Stories 306 – Valentine’s Edition

This week Awesome Stories brings you love stories, self-love, love without labels, and roses. Roses Roses represent love on so many levels, bridging gaps in age, gender, race, history, and religion. Maybe we should create a National Rose Day. 🙂 They have a rich history of symbolism, representing everything from purity to love, passion, fertility, death,…

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Piercing Eyes

Piercing Eyes ~ your piercing eyes filled with wisdom and guise peering into distant space with fearsome grace ~ you freely share your beauty have we the eyes to see our duty to ask the cooperation of nature and find our proper nomenclature ~ Mythology and folklore ascribe both good and bad omens to owls.…

Whatever Arises Love That

Love Whatever Arises

Love Whatever Arises ~ I’ve been humbled again. It is beyond understanding how I can sit and watch my life savings evaporate and do nothing. This is the third time that I have allowed my life savings to disappear while invested in falling stocks. Logic would suggest taking action sooner to stop the losses. I…

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Awesome Stories 305

This week Awesome Stories brings you regenerative agriculture, diversity, kindness, and better teaching. Regenerating the Planet Embracing regenerative agriculture may be our best plan to both reverse climate change and repair ecosystems. According to research from the Rodale Institute, regenerative agriculture might be able to sequester up to 40% of current CO2 emissions, and maybe even…

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Splish Splash Wrath

Splish Splash Wrath © Vera Komnig, Painting #364 ~ splish splash wrath I was taking a bath the bubbles were glowing my excitement overflowing ~ words splishing and splashing with phrases so smashing a playful stew of co-creation filled the plot with ideation ~ my muse was perplexing with thoughts too vexing so we must say…