Margaret Wheatly, Awesome Stories

Awesome Stories 324

This week Awesome Stories brings you healthy community, clean energy, feeding the hungry, and passion. Healthy Community  Margaret Wheatley explores some interesting perspectives on the paradox of community. She believes a healthy community must embrace our opposing needs for both individual freedom and connection to others. Both needs seem hardwired into our genetics and require a…

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Frolicking Fields

Frolicking Fields ~ blankets of color flowers dancing in the field frolicking we go ~ I rode past this field on my bike ride this past Sunday. The beautiful carpet of wildflowers was glowing with a multitude of colors. I wanted to go frolic in the field but it was private property, so I took…

A Friend In Trouble

Originally posted on Petals Unfolding:
I was just notified this morning that a good friend of mine, Irene (IreneDesign2011), is very ill in a hospital in her city.  Her daughter, Claire, requested help from me to get the word out that her Mother needs prayer, Light and Energy, good thoughts, sent now.  If any of you…

beauty, Awesome Stories

Awesome Stories 323

This week Awesome Stories brings you beauty, foster care, healing sleep, Finding Beauty This article is a good reminder to practice looking for beauty where we are. Alanda writes about the power of beauty to transform. While having a bad day, Alanda found beauty in a red onion and it shifted her whole day. “As…

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Layers of Love

Layers of Love~ your petals caress my soul with soft velvety layers like a gentle lover you arouse my senses heart throbbing vibrantly alive we merge in oneness lost in the moment

little ones, Belen Soto

Little Reminders

Little Reminders ~ the little one’s glee shining innocent and free reminder to be ~ Here is another fun ceramic figure from Belén Soto, inspiring me to play and enjoy life. This cute character is called El Pequeño, meaning the little one, from the Duende family. He appears to be doing a famous yoga pose called…

Santiago Borja, Awesome Stories

Awesome Stories 322

This week Awesome Stories brings you mile high beauty, stone balancing, electronics recycling, and creating community. Mile High Beauty Santiago Borja is an Ecuadorian pilot who loves to photograph from the high altitudes in South America. On his days off, he photographs the magnificent storms and vistas afforded by traveling at mile high altitudes. His website offers…

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Fanciful Flow

Fanciful Flow ~ ribbon fish swimming colors dancing on canvas fills me with delight ~ As I celebrate my birthday week, I want to share another talented artist from our community This painting is from Vera Komnig. I enjoy the feeling, flow, and bright colors in her paintings. To see more of her fanciful abstract art, visit Vera’s…