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Awesome Stories 316 – Earth Day Edition

This week Awesome Stories brings you a collection of stories to inspire you to find your passion and purpose in life while living gently and harmoniously with mother nature. Ancient Tree Archive Review your life and ask how much of your life is in service to others and Mother Earth, and how much is engaged…

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Lilac Love

Lilac Love ~ aromas wafting through my senses transported to another realm flowers become love and life becomes sweet nectar of the Gods ~ #NaPoWriMo day 17 Lilac blossoms are one of my favorite aromas, along with roses, and mimosas. When I don’t have flowers, I also love the smell of essential oils. I hope…

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Awesome Stories 315

This week Awesome Stories brings you super blooms, passion, poetry, and the art of blessing. Super Bloom The deserts in the southwest of the country are exploding in wildflowers with what is called a super bloom. The area has received lots of rain this year and seeds that have lain dormant for years are coming…

Far Away Dreams

Pastel Dreams

Pastel Dreams ~ pastel infused dreams liquid landscapes floating by time becomes color ~ #NaPoWriMo day 13 This gorgeous watercolor landscape of Kent, England, by Janet Weight Reed, inspired my dreams and my muse. If you don’t know Janet, I encourage you to visit her blog, which is full of beautiful watercolor paintings, interspersed with…

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Bluebonnet Bliss

Bluebonnet Bliss ~ bluebonnets beckon lush prairies and rolling hills filled with blue bliss ~ #NoPoWriMo day 11 This beautiful image was taken by my friend Gayle from high school days. We’ve both developed a passion for photography, especially flowers. I would love to roll around in those lush prairies. How about you?