Foggy Fun

Foggy Fun

rime ice, fog, poetry


the rime or not the rime

this is the essential riddle

tiny ice crystals frozen in time

playing muse to weather’s fiddle

on this foggy winter day

ephemeral beauty on display

wind, cold, and fog at play

highlighting a wintery bouquet


rime ice,My friend Kristin Jones shared a collection of beautiful photos from yesterdays foggy, cold weather. Besides these images being beautiful, I learned something new about weather and ice formations. I had always heard the term hoarfrost to describe these tiny ice formations but learned there are several types according to Kristin and this summit post on frost.

Rime is the buildup of ice (in the form of small white crystals) when fog freezes upon contact with a cold surface.

Hoarfrost is the buildup of ice (in the form of crystals, often delicate and feather-shaped) when water vapor in the air condenses as ice on a surface.Β In short, the main difference between rime and hoarfrost is that rime is the result of freezing fog, Hoarfrost forms in the absence of fog. I wish I had the chance to explore yesterday, but am grateful to have seen Kristin’s beautiful collection of nature at play on this cold foggy day.

May your week be full of beautiful surprises!


21 thoughts on “Foggy Fun

  1. Thank you so much for the beautiful poem…very lyrical. I always enjoy weather like this….and we used to have a lot of it in the UK…..not so much these days. Also thanks for putting me onto Kristin’s blog and images. Have a lovely day and keep warm Janet πŸ™‚ x

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