Embracing the Mystery

mystery, poetry~

tendrils of mist

swirl about my body

creating an aura of mystery

washed in nature’s veil

both refreshing and exciting

what lies ahead is not clear

the foggy valley beckons

I  step boldly into the unknown


Christmas arrived early for me! Thanks to the feedback from this community, I have relaxed into the mystery of my life and my quest for purpose and meaningful work. I am letting go of the angst, viewing my writing as part of my purpose, feeling hopeful about my life, looking for paying work and embracing the mystery. Thank You!

Merry Mysteries and Christmas to All  🎄🎅


46 thoughts on “Embracing the Mystery

  1. Beautiful poetry! It’s true we never know what lies ahead but by embracing the mystery you give me the courage to “step boldly into the unknown”. May your dreams come true, Brad! Cheers 🙂 Irina

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  2. I know all will fit into place Brad when we let go of wanting.. Then the Universe then stops us wanting that which we place our thoughts on so much..
    A little like a woman who has spent years wanting to conceive and then she gives up.. How many times I hear when she gives up often that is when the miraculous happens.. 🙂

    I wish you a wonderful Christmas Brad.. I know all will become clear..
    Believe it and so it is..

    Hugs to you
    Sue xx

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