Fanciful Flow

Fanciful Flow

beauty, grace, poetry

#362 Vera Komnig


ribbon fish swimming

colors dancing on canvas

fills me with delight


As I celebrate my birthday week, I want to share another talented artist from our community This painting is from Vera Komnig. I enjoy the feeling, flow, and bright colors in her paintings. To see more of her fanciful abstract art, visit Vera’s gallery.


23 thoughts on “Fanciful Flow

  1. I didn’t know that you celebrate your birthday a whole week long, hehe. But don’t drink too much vodka or champaign, because of the headaches. I wish you all the best for the next year of your life, may your dreams come true, Brad, kind regards Mitza

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  2. Oh…Brad!!!! Happy…HAPPY…HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY…(And birthday WEEK!) I’m a firm believer in celebrating the week 😉 Hope all of life’s beautiful harmony is flowing inside your heart. Much love, friend!

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