The Adventure Begins

The Adventure Beginsroad trip,

My trip finally begins today. My things are in storage, my bags are packed, my car is repaired and I’m ready to hit the road.

I expect to be on the road for about a month. I may post if I’m inspired or I may give myself a vacation from all routines, problems and questions. I have not taken time off from my blog in over 4 years so it might be time to rest a bit. Regardless of whether I keep posting, know that I appreciate you very much. My blog is a tremendous source of joy, creation and connection. And you my precious readers are the reason. Thank you!

I’m feeling better about the trip and my ability to trust and flow more with life. And I’m excited to be seeing family. It’s been over 2 years since I was back east to see my mother and brother. I’ve planned the trip to arrive just before Mother’s Day so I can spend the day with my mom in person. I want to remind her how much I love and appreciate her. And I’ll be helping with the various house and yard projects that need to be done. I enjoy being of service to my mom. And mostly, I’m looking forward to spending time with family and friends.

And I may take some detours on the way back and have a little travel adventure. Nothing is planned right now, but I’m open to some adventure. I’d like to visit the ocean while I’m back east. I grew up going to the beach every summer and miss the beach now that I live in the middle of the country.

May all roads be filled with love and peace.

Let the journey begin!


56 thoughts on “The Adventure Begins

  1. Dear Brad, May your adventure be one of revelation and resurrection. May you experience fun and joy and the company of family and friends and strangers that will lift your spirit and provide new direction. Know you are thought of and blessed (bless-ed) for connecting and guiding so many other folks who share your passion for life. To life. . .John


  2. Brad, enjoy your trip and vacation… so nice of you to think of your mum and be with her… I wrote my mum a poem once and gave it her for mothers day… about all the appreciation i have from growing up with her. Take care, love Barbara x

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  3. I hope your journey has started off well! I wanted to come by yesterday and wish you well BEFORE you left. 🙂 Ah, well…work kept me away. 😛 In any case, I can’t wait to hear about your adventures and the places you’ll go! Have fun, friend! Safe travels and may you be bathed in white light!

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  4. The sense of adventure in your words, and the sentence “my car is repaired and I’m ready to hit the road” makes me feel excited along with you. Nothing quite like heading out on an adventure, not quite sure what lies ahead and going to go do it anyway. A great sense of positive envy in me right now, and while I hope to hear from you along your journey, I think you have the right attitude of connecting if it feels right. What a tremendous Mother’s Day it must have been. Cheers to you Brad, all of us will leave a light on for you 🙂

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  5. i am hoping you are enjoying your travels May each day Brad be and new adventure.. 🙂 And so pleased that you are getting to spend time with your Mom… |Sendind you lots of love and throughts your way xxx
    Hugs Sue x

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  6. I’m catching up here with you Brad! So very happy that you’re making your way to be with your Mom and to be open to new adventures! We’re heading back to Asia to visit my parents. Dad had a mild stroke and we want to get back to see him as soon as possible. I hope your journey back home is all and more than you imagined it to be. You are such a good, kind soul and I am so grateful to know someone like you. Blessings, light and life! Sharon x

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