Sunset Fires

Sunset Firessunsets, passion, poetry


your radiant glow

lights up the sky

with majestic red fire

a burning orb in the sky

warms our body and soul

mana for another glorious day

to share our love heart to heart


sunset- Steven Kraghmann

Sunset photo by Steven Kraghmann

Recently, we’ve had some amazing sunsets with the sun glowing like a ball of fire in the sky. Here is another one from my friend Steven Kraghmann, a gifted photographerΒ who you can visit at Inspired Photographika.

May nature’s majestic beauty warm your heart.

Blessings, Brad


22 thoughts on “Sunset Fires

  1. I am sat next to our Patio door Brad, the Sun has been pouring through the glass and it most certainly has warmed my soul today.. As did your amazing Sunset.. Truly wonderful poem.. Wish we had these Sunsets.. πŸ™‚ in our skies as often πŸ™‚
    have a wonderful rest of the week my friend..

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