Finding the Flow

Finding the Flowflow, alignment, shift, life changes

As I’ve slowed down to find my way during this time of change, I hear my inner mentor that I call “musebrad”. Here are some messages that I heard in a time of flow last week.

I heard there is no right or one path, simply the path of peace (which we are free to follow or not.) The highest path is simply responding with love and peace to all circumstances, feelings, thoughts, people, etc. When I am peaceful it is easier to hear my inner guide, to flow and listen. When I am centered, there are no judgments, simply feedback on how aligned with spirit I am in any moment. As I go about my day, do what I can to align. Everything is helpful feedback. Wherever I go and whatever I do, my path is to choose peace, love and aligning with spirit!

I’m hearing the idea to purge all but what fits in my car. The idea would be to travel to see friends or whoever wants to exchange room and board for help around house and yard, errands or caretaking type work. I might travel around the country per friends and offers I receive. I’ve also been offered a two-month temporary job and could stay in Fayetteville if I had a place. Things keep shifting as reflected by my changing desires. 

This is typical of me making decisions. Historically, I get wound up and block the flow of peace, inspiration and help just when I need it. I would like to make the decision on which place this week and to do it in this new way of feeling my way into choices; to follow the flow of peace. 

I’m planning a moving sale this weekend and will offer most of my belongings with the idea to simplify and be able to move easily. Where I will land is still unknown. The goal is to treat everyone with kindness, focusing more on relationships than on stuff. 

I’m intending to live and make choices by flowing with life the best that I can. Simplifying, and letting go of struggles with self, work or whatever! Keep breathing, relaxing and flowing toward peace!

Writing about this process is a reminder to myself, and if it helps others, then even better. For me, it seems to be about energy management. Simply keep noticing and aligning with feelings of ease, flow and aliveness in the body. Yes, we might “feel” good or have positive thoughts, but those are the results, not the causes or steps to take. Too many teachers and gurus tell us to feel good or think positive thoughts. Those approaches haven’t worked for me. 

My current goal is to practice presence, over and over. I believe this will lead to the path of peace and the way home to heart, spirit and God. May we know peace as our truth, natural state and essence.

P. S. I hope I can follow my own advice to align with flow (presence) and follow the path of peace. I’ve been bogging down in the process of trying to find and pick a place to live this last week. Today my main focus is to practice the presence and see where it takes me.

May we follow the path of peace and presence. 


32 thoughts on “Finding the Flow

  1. wooh wooh brad, way to go… with the flow. It sounds great. Have you disconnected your email address? I tried to send you my digital eBook but it was returned… Do you have another email address I can send it to you. Please send to my email (do you still have it?) Barbara x

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  2. may your path of peace be accompanied by good angels, Brad. By the way, a good way to travel and work (for accomodation and food) is on organic farms is WWOOFing. Maybe you would like that? Kind regards Mitza

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  3. Well good for you, Brad! To be able to do what you are … how fortunate you are! It is a daily practice to choose Peace, to choose Centeredness. Yet do not stifle nor ignore the onrush of emotion that occasionally does erupt to the surface. No, you won’t be Peaceful, and no you won’t be Centered. But in order to dig ever deeper into that State of Flow, the obstructions within must be looked at, dealt with gently, and sometimes the emotions will rock the boat. Steady steady she goes … make sure you wear a life jacket at times like these. Sadly, so many have shut down, turned off emotion as if the very nature that we are is being labeled a bad thing. I have found on my Journey that the deeper I do experience the Bliss, the Flow, I always come up with the turmoils, and the inner struggles begin. I call this the Transformational Process that always leads me back to Flow, but at a better place. Good luck!! I wish you all the best! Love, Amy ❤

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  4. A great start on your new journey my friend, I know there will be hard moments when it will be hard to find that peace but you are on the right track…thank you for sharing such an inspiring message and all the very best to you my friend ❤

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  5. You’ve got this, Brad 🙂 presence and sweet surrender to the flow are emanating from this post of yours. You have and are everything you need… You will guide yourself to exactly the right places and situations. It’s actually sounding pretty exciting! Purging is refreshing…Hugs, my friend.

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  6. I wish you all the best, what you are taking on is a hounerable decision and very hard to do. But i’m sure the benefits will outweigh the hardship and ofcourse a step closer to the ultimate goal of enlightenment. Where we all want to be, myself I would love to and I admit I am materialistic, but I like to think a lot less than most, but I still need my home comforts. Maybe in the future, I hope.

    All the best Brad :0

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  7. Brad, I so admire you, and you are well and truly in the flow.. TRUSTing is hard I know. but I am sure all will be well in your world real soon.. I will be back tomorrow to catch up with more posts.. Love and Light my friend.. ❤ SUe

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  8. This is very cool Brad. I most like the idea of selling most of your belonging so as to better allow yourself the flexibility to move (and live). This is actually inspiring to me, as I would like to get rid of things that fasten me down and these things are not necessary.

    The one thing to I admire from your flow, is your noticing how decisions (and thus life) can lose its flow when “I get wound up and block the flow of peace, inspiration” ~ I think the ability of humans to get ourselves wound up over things that end up putting our lives out of whack is huge. Keep things flowing and moving forward – it is so rewarding. Cheers to your successes!

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    • Thank you Randall. This is a whole new way of living and making decisions. And I notice myself slipping back to wanting to make decisions with my mind. It’s a practice. And yes, purging my stuff is helping me to remember what is important; relationships, being and appreciating. Thanks for your encouragement. 🙂


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