Celebrate Thanksgiving by Loving Life

Celebrate Thanksgiving by Loving Life

Thanksgiving, love, life

The Net of Light was flowing this night!

A friend of mine, Christi Daniels, gave a talk at the local Science of Mind center about coming home and appreciation. Christi talked about her intense year after intending to find a home within her self and all the stuff that came up to show her what was holding her back. The biggest takeaway was how gratitude is a gateway to coming home. And how Christi experiences appreciation as more than gratitude. For her, appreciation is an energy of enlivening of possibility, rather than simple gratitude for what is. Appreciation opens the door to higher levels of being like peace, love, and enlightenment.

Then we shared a delightful mediation by Sharon McErlane from the Grandmothers Speak group.

During this meditation, I heard several things. First, my work is to hold the “net of light” energy wherever I go, blessing all beings. Secondly, to be more authentic, allowing the unique creative energies that are me to flow. For example, I was buzzing with energy during this mediation; being very still and rooted in my body, while also subtly moving my fingers which allowed more energy to flow. Then walking home, I heard that we all must create our own path. There is no one right path. Be yourself and follow your heart.

As further confirmation, that afternoon I received an offer for a possible new place to live, encouragement about the beauty of my photos, a friend wanting to connect, and feedback about my kind and loving nature. Not a bad return for simply connecting to the light and allowing energy to flow!  🙂

I am really resonating (or appreciating!) with the material on the Net of Light website. Their mission is to empower women and comfort men, awakening all to the feminine energy, helping to balance the earth energies. I love the wisdom from the Grandmothers for holding steady in these turbulent times.

Embrace the All and when we say ‘the All’, we mean everyone and everything. No exceptions. No matter how it may appear to you, there is no ‘enemy’, the Grandmothers declared; there is only drama–the play of negative energy. So hold steady and observe the drama play out. Your heart will propel you into right action when action is needed. Always stand firm in the power of love and trust the wisdom of your heart. Your love IS your power. ~ The Grandmothers

May we learn to love it all. Hold steady and share the love.  

Happy Thanksgiving!


32 thoughts on “Celebrate Thanksgiving by Loving Life

  1. Brad I am delighted that embracing the Light through meditation is already speaking to you and bringing about within your world positive changes..
    And the Grandmothers words are wise.. Indeed there are no enemy as such, Just the Story unfolding of each particular choice made.
    We are really needed along the Grid as I have always thought of it , or Net of Light as the Grandmothers speak of.. To take our place and hold our Love and Light by opening up our hearts..

    Wonderful post Brad.. I loved the video meditation..

    Wishing you a Wonderful Thanksgiving.. love and Light my friend 😀

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  2. A very Happy thanksgiving to you and yours, Brad!
    Thank you so much sharing this. We are not celebrating Thanksgiving in England, Germany or Norway.
    Warm greetings
    The Fab Four of Cley,
    Dina x

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  3. I feel so good reading this post, Brad! It is a testament to the idea that we reap what we sow. Wow…you have a Science of Mind center so nearby!! I love Ernest Holmes…his writings have touched me so deeply.
    Thanks, Brad…this post makes me more centered. Many blessings ❤

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