Fields of Joy

Fields of Joy

Walking my yard is a delightful journey of discovery. I’m amazed at the variety of plants and flowers that grow in my yard. To me, the variety is delightful, and healthier for my yard and the environment. The variety nourishes the soil and supports many different insects. The suburban model of mono-culture, using chemicals to eliminate all but one type of grass makes no sense to me. I love the variety and all the surprise flowers that appear over the course of the seasons. And I don’t add chemicals to the watershed. My yard seems healthy and happy with no fertilizers.

Here is a walk around my yard.

This is my garden area which is a mix of flowers, bushes and vegetables. As you can tell, I like to mix flowers and vegetables for visual interest. And I’m planting more flowers and less vegetables because the flowers bring me more joy with less work. My vegetable harvest has been very meager the last couple of years.

yard, spring flowers


Here is a close-up of the “grass” which looks more like a field of wildflowers. I would love to stop mowing and let my yard go totally wild, but our city has an ordinance that requires mowing.

yard, flowers,


dandelion, edible plants

The beauty of these flowers brings joy to my heart. I hate to mow and lose this lovely field of miniature beauty. For those of you that don’t know, dandelions are edible, both the flowers and leaves. I’ve been harvesting various plants from my yard for my salads and morning shakes.

Did you know that these red bud blossoms are edible too? I’ve been adding them to my salads and protein shakes too. They have an interesting taste. It’s so much fun to harvest treats from my yard to add to my meals!

flowers in my yardred bud flowers

 Happy Hunting!


27 thoughts on “Fields of Joy

  1. Oh gosh I adore all those tiny little blooms in the ‘grass’ Brad! I wouldn’t want to mow them either. In fact, I wouldn’t. If you have a fenced in yard, what’s the city gonna see? 😉 Break the rules, be a rebel for the environment! 😀 Fun that you are adding them to your smoothies and salads. Beautiful photos…

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  2. You have a brilliant Backyard full of delights… its almost a shame to mow these wonderful flowers.. yes even dandelions are nutritious 🙂 I had not seen the other little red blossoms before, Spring looks well on the way in your garden Brad.. And its great you plant flowers and veggies together..

    I have been in our greenhouse for most of the morning/afternoon, picking out seedlings to thin out… A job which is tedious but rewarding..
    Have a Super Spring Weekend!
    Hugs Sue

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  3. Thanks Sue, I have fun with my yard and gardens. Your gardens both inspire and intimidate me. It looks like too much work. 🙂 The fun was learning that the blossoms from red bud trees are edible, and their pink color is beautiful. to spring flowers and joys. Happy Spring weekend!


  4. A beautiful day for a walk my friend! I love the fact that you let the “grass” grow just as it wants to grow! Nature is always ready to gift us with some beautiful surprises when we allow it to happen! I know I don’t often get the time to comment because of simple exhaustion but you my friend are always remembered. Abundant blessings to you and much peace! ~Matthew

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  5. So nice to see a real lawn with wild flowers in, I was just commenting to my partner the other day how unnatural some lawns look with perfect mowed lines and not daisy or buttercups, good work 🙂

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