Walking on Sunshine

Walking on Sunshinejoy, spring flowers

I love the phrase “Walking on Sunshine” from the song by Katrina and the Waves. It was a pop hit in the mid-1980s. I’ve included a newer version below to enjoy! The song and phrase describe the delicious feeling of joy I feel when walking around town soaking up the sunshine and spring colors. My heart opens with joy, matching the plants that are bursting into new growth.

Let’s take a walk around my home, garden and town.

Here is my front yard, complete with the lovely creeping purple flox.




Next up is the view from my patio out to the beds along the west and north sides of my property. For perspective, none of the plants or beds were here when I moved in 4 years ago. It’s been a slow, but rewarding project.

yard and garden view

This is my latest project to create a little interest along this long strip of fence. Next year, it should start filling out nicely.


flower bed side yardflower beds

Lastly, is the downtown Fayetteville square, where we have the local farmer’s market and many visitors who come to gawk at the lovely flowers! You can click on the photos to see them larger with more details.Β flowers Fayetteville Square


flowers, Fayetteville Square


May you walk on sunshine, bathing in beauty and joy!


32 thoughts on “Walking on Sunshine

  1. Everything looks so nice Brad, I can see why you’re ‘walking on sunshine’ there! πŸ™‚ I really like the thing you’re doing with plantings along the fence, what a great idea, and I LOVE your red front door!

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  2. I am dating myself, but I remember feeling a skip in my step every time I heard to the first few beats of that song (way back when). You have a beautiful yard, Brad. And like most other things in life, if you feed the foliage, cultivate a nourishing atmosphere, and give it time, it will fill in quite nicely πŸ˜‰

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  3. Thank you for your pics of your garden. Here spring is taking its time to warm up. It is a blessing to here this music today with the sunshine and a few clouds…I love this song used to listen to it all the time back in the ’80’s. I am feeling the sunshine πŸ˜‰ Blessings Diane

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  4. You have a wonderful home and I so thank you for sharing it with us along with your walk around those wonderful flowers
    Wonderful Video also Brad… Let the Sunshine keep shining.. Here in the UK… the temperature rose dramatically over the last two days.. I saw butterflies and Frogs today on a walk with our Granddaughter…
    Spring has Sprung! Keep feeling Good!!! πŸ™‚

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  5. Thanks Sue. I’ve made peace with my simple home and yard. I’m glad you’re getting spring there in the UK too. The bursting of life, colors and growth brings joy to my heart. Yes, let’s keep feeling good and spreading it around like fertilizer! πŸ™‚


  6. Oh how I love hearing you have a “spring” in your step!! Love that song…it is a super phrase, Brad. Your gardens look to be ready to give you the pleasure of beautiful beautiful flowers πŸ™‚ Much love my friend. Hope all your days feel like you are walking on sunshine!! β™‘β™‘

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  7. This look at your yard & oasis ~ how great it must be to put quality time there. A perfect place to have this song blasting out ~ uplifting and good for the plants as they’d like that tune as well!

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  8. Great and finally here in the UK were have the sunshine braking through and the colours are begging to arrive in the form of tulips, daffodils and blue bells. Admittedly in the North it’s still chilly but some sun it getting to us. Thanks

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