Peace Prevails

Is peace prevailing in your life?Peace Prevails; reflections on fall

This article warms my heart on so many levels.

As you may know from following my blog. I am a peacenik and do what I can to promote peace and non-violence as a way of living and communicating. I support groups like The Peace Alliance and Bloggers for Peace.

This school in Philadelphia tried what many considered a radical approach to dealing with their violence problems at school.

John Paul Jones was consistently listed as one of the most dangerous schools in Pennsylvania due to it’s surrounding drug dealing and fights that often spilled over to the school.  JPJ , like many big city urban schools, was using police and high security measures in attempting to bring down the violence. Educators started questioning the value of these oppressive measures that predominate in larger urban public schools like Philadelphia’s.

Administrators and academics starting talking about how environment affects kids and learning.  Last year they decided to implement a whole new approach to teaching and discipline based on the principals on non-violence. They tore down the fences, removed window grills, let go the police protection. They even changed their name to Memphis Street Academy as part of the program to re-invent themselves and their approach. Understandably, the police warned them of the risk and encouraged them to keep the security measures.

Luckily, school CEO Dr. Christine Borelli persisted in making the changes and committing to their new approach. Coaches and trainers were brought in by Alternatives to Violence Project to teach the teachers non-violent conflict resolution. The idea was to change the environment from ‘jail-like’ to one that is more humane, encouraging and welcoming.

The best part is not only are students enjoying, learning and graduating, some now have hopes of going to college. They have reduced their occurrences of violence by 90% in one year! Ready Jeff Deeney’s article for the whole story.

This story affirms my faith in the inherent goodness of people. Most people and life simply reflect back what we give out. By changing their paradime from fear-based security measures to love-based encouragement, the school radically shifted the experience of school for the children.

What are you doing to encourage peace and non-violent communication in your life?

Let peace prevail, Brad


27 thoughts on “Peace Prevails

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  2. beautiful story, i love it. And wow, gorgeous autumn photo, Brad. Like a watercolor but so crystalline!
    You’ve had so many wonderful sharings lately. I don’t always take time to comment, but I am reading and enjoying your column — thank you for your efforts in gathering these inspiring stories and facts, in creating, and building your skill with, your own writing, and in being courageous enough to express yourself online!


    • You’re welcome Leslie. I enjoy finding and sharing inspiring stories. And thanks for taking the time to read and comment. A crystalline watercolor?! A wonderful description. I appreciate you too and the wonderful music you and Harmonia share with us. Blessings, Brad


  3. Brad, almost all of my intentional communication is of a non-violent nature. I actively advocate for positive outcomes, collaboration, teamwork, exploration, partnering, optimistic experiences – each and all with the intent of yielding constructive, forward moving progress. It’s not a program or a process, it’s just me overtly and largely being me. 🙂 Good post, my friend.


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  5. Brad, Thank you for this article and your site. I found you through Rupa (Resilience Coaching) I feel inspired when I read the lengths that others are willing to go to. It matters. We matter. Peace matters. Thank you.Lisa


  6. I’m imagining they taught the students alternatives to violence too. I teach coping skills and assertive communication to my substance abuse clients, and I am considered a peaceful person by most. However, when I ask myself: what can I do better to create peace and non-violent communication in my life, I know I can become more peaceful in my own mind. There are still those not so peaceful thoughts in my head sometimes criticizing myself and those close to me for not being perfect. Hey, wait a minute! Isn’t that’s what I’m doing now? Am I verbally beating myself up for not being peaceful enough in my head? So, the answer is:
    I will put more love in my thoughts. Yes, there are things I’m changing about myself. Yes, there are things I wish for my loved ones. I can wish those things in a loving, encouraging and peaceful way, knowing that we are all growing. Thanks for helping me look inside myself today about peace.


    • Hi Joanna, It sounds like you are doing a lot to promote peace within yourself, life and clients. We all benefit from your efforts.Thanks! When my mind is hyper, sometimes it takes a change of scenery, physical activity or acceptance of self (even the not wanted chatter!) Give yourself a big hug for caring and doing so much. Thanks for joining the conversation here!


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