Upgrade Your Life with Love and Choice

Are you tired of feeling bad and reacting to circumstances that you don’t like?

Here are some tips to upgrade your life with love and choice.

With the slew of news on terrorism, environmental disaster and political mischief, it is very easy to start feeling fear, judgment or hate. These situations may seem far from love, but in fact, they are perfect opportunities to look with fresh eyes. Eyes of curiosity, compassion and responsibility.

We can ask more empowering questions like why am I feeling this? How might I have contributed? Does this reflect some repressed aspect of me? Can I do something about this? Can I accept this? Can I find a blessing in this? Asking better questions can help shift our whole perspective and experience of life.Choose Love

Photo source: Dancing with Spirit

Your cells and your memories reflect your past love experiences. Choice allows you to create new upgraded feelings and experiences of love.

Researchers like psychologist Barbara Fredrickson are finding more and more evidence of how we can improve our experiences of love. From my experience, the biggest factor in creating love is exercising choice, though there is a shadow side.

In my life, I have been experimenting with choice over the last 2 years. I find that the more I make empowering choices that align my life with my dreams and goals, the better I feel. I believe we are inherently wired to feel good when we anchor our dreams with action.

The beauty is that we get to choose what is meaningful to us.

Deepak Chopra defined success in one of his early books as the attainment of progressively meaningful goals. In other words, the more that we set goals, take action and achieve them, the better we feel. And our perspective and awareness expands to include a larger picture of what is meaningful to us. That is evolution and growth.

I am grateful to have discovered the “secret” to happiness. It’s not what all the hype about the book by that name implies. I believe it is choice. Choice is our magic genie to direct, enhance and grow our lives with more and more meaning, to create happiness and love. When we make conscious choices that move us in the direction of our dreams and goals, we create love and beauty in the world.

All of the above is a long winded way of leading up to love. Love is one of the highest vibrations that we can create and feel. By learning to make choices that align our lives with love, compassion and unity, I believe that we enter the land of mystics and saints. We enter sacred holy land. Or in contemporary terms, we can create heaven on earth.

In simpler terms, we choose love, over and over, in the simple daily acts of life. Regardless of what our past was, what people say or do, we have the power to choose love and be a force for good in the world. We can be contemporary saints or everyday heroes.

That is my definition of love. What is your definition of love?

Are you ready to upgrade your life?


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