Choice: The Secret Ingredient for Life

Our life is the result of our choices, not our circumstances.

What you become

We choose our thoughts, feelings and actions.

Or else we allow ourselves (another choice) to be carried by the currents of life circumstances with no steering on our part. Choice is our steering. We don’t control life, but we control our direction with our choices of thoughts, feelings and actions.

Our thoughts, feelings and actions are all connected to the energy and circle of life. We can enter anywhere, make a new choice and impact the direction of our life. If we choose more inspiring thoughts, then we feel better and are more likely to take productive action toward our dreams. If we choose better actions, then we feel better and have more positive thoughts. If we choose feelings (and thoughts) that energize us, then we are inspired to take action. Around and around it goes. It doesn’t matter whether you start with thoughts, feelings or actions. They all connect and impact each other to create our energetic field.

This energy is how and what attracts our life circumstances.

Much like a pitch pipe, or tuning fork, we have a certain pitch that we vibrate or send out. Heart Math has done a lot of research on the power of our energy fields, showing that the electrical field from our heart is about 100 times stronger than that of our brain. Choosing love, instead of fear, is one of the most profound choices we can make in our daily lives. Here’s how to upgrade your life with love and choice.

Consistently better choices (choices aligned with our deepest dreams and values) will result in a happier, more meaningful life. We also assign the meaning to things. So again, by our choice of what meaning we give to things, we impact how we respond, think and feel.

Ultimately we need action toward our dreams, or they wither and die like neglected plants. Then we end up with regrets, depression and inertia. Movement is life, with periods to recharge like a battery, by plugging into stillness and beingness. Our beingness is the birth place of inspiration, dreams and  life itself. Each of us has our own balance point or pace that works best, but we need both action and rest. We could also call these mind and heart, or body and soul. Heart is the bridge from spirit to body. Our beingness is everywhere and nowhere.

The more our life aligns with our deepest dreams and values, the more we thrive.

We align our life by the choices we make. Again, we see the power of choice. It is our primary power and gift in this life. Use it wisely. Spend your time and life energy on what is most important to you. Otherwise you may live to regret it as I have. Believe me!

Looking back, I have many regrets over things that I did not do. Rarely over things I did, even when they didn’t work out. In those cases, at least I learned something, or found out what wasn’t a good path for me.

There are always lessons and gifts to be received from any situation IF we are open to them.

A wise teacher and minister at Unity of Madison repeatedly reminded us that there are blessings in any situation when we are willing to look for them. Again, back to choice. We must choose to be willing, and then actually look for the blessings. Otherwise we miss them and risk bogging down in negativity and depression as I have many times in my life.

Excuse this rambling treatise on choice, but I hope to inspire you to better choices so that you won’t look back with regrets as I do.

May you chose to thrive and enjoy life. Blessings, Brad

2 thoughts on “Choice: The Secret Ingredient for Life

  1. Awe … Brad, but you are still young … you have your whole lifetime in front of you … surely you will make the right choice and go towards that. Thanks for this great reminder as I tend to get drifted from time to time.


  2. Thanks Georgina. Yes, I certainly can and will choose more of what excites and enlivens me. I’m still a work in progress! And sometimes I look back with regrets. Thanks for the encouragement.


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