Good News 1.17

This week’s Good News will inspire and light you up!

Crescent Dunes is set to become the largest concentrating solar power (CSP) project in the world with 110 MW of peak power. This gives it certain bragging rights and additional pressure due to large government funding. Crescent Dunes is also unique in using molten salt as a way to store heat and energy relatively cheaply. They estimate being able to store 10 hours worth of energy storage enabling them to offer power on demand like fossil fuel plants. Go solar!

Need a boost? Here is a fun video of spontaneous life and laughter bursting forth!Solar Panels

Image source: Economist

Australia has 1 Million residential solar installations, supplying power to about 2.5 Million people! That’s amazing considering there were only 20.000 installations in 2008 and the total population is about 23 Million. Clearly Australian citizens from all walks of life have embraced solar. I wonder what’s the difference between our countries? Part of it might be their 20% renewables national target, giving them more political focus.

Here in Arkansas, a state not generally progressive about environmental matters, we just passed legislation to allow PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) financing. From Wikipedia, “PACE is an innovative means of financing energy efficiency upgrades or renewable energy installations for buildings.” AR is the 29th state to pass PACE, helping in the development of renewable energy use. Go Arkansas!Algae Powered Building

Image: Algae-powered building by ARUP

Algae power gets a new look. A German company, BIQ , has just finished a project that uses algae filled glass panels to grow algae, create energy and shade the buidling all in one clever idea. Plus, the more sun there is, the more the algae grows and provides shade. They have a home project to run tests, and then a larger commercial building in Hamburg. Cool. Green. Energy!

A great post by Chiara Fucarino on what happy people do that some of us don’t. Or in my case, what I’m learning to do; to be more self empowering in my choices of what I think, feel and do. Choose wisely!

Are you making empowering choices?

Please join me in making choices that lead to thriving.

Your turn!

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