Savor the Day- a Tribute to the Artist’s Way

My flavor of the day is to savor.

I’m adding the practice to focus on one new quality at at time. Yes, I’ve heard that we must practice something 3 weeks in order for it to become ingrained in our subconscious and become a habit. So maybe we’ll call this the sample plan. Tasting various flavors until I find the ones that I most enjoy and want to focus on for long enough to embody them.

Or the rent before you buy plan. Or maybe the wisdom to know what flavor is calling me to use for that day and time.

Savor is a delicious word to describe slowing down, paying attention and enjoying the subtle details of life passing before us. This is exactly what I’ve been doing this morning after doing my morning pages. A big thank you to Eric Huber and the Artist’s Way. This morning I wrote about a new business idea that I had for eco remodeling.

After writing the morning pages, I felt inspired to follow the idea and full of energy. Then I remembered that when I had inspiration on Sunday, a hawk flew overhead. So I decided to look up hawk in the Medicine Cards. Hawk is a messenger asking us to listen, pay attention, and see the bigger picture of our lives. That feels exactly like what I’m doing lately and today especially I am on full alert; paying attention and savoring the day.

I am savoring each precious bite of my breakfast, each tingle in my body, each possibilty that floats through my mind. And remembering to savior the moment. I may follow my eco remodeling idea or not. I may follow my Sunday inspiration or I may simply savor the day.

Regardless, I’m feeling a renewed energy to live fully; paying attention, listening and looking for messages. I am an open and willing channel for the universe to flow. I tune in to spirit, asking and listening for guidance. I will test my new ideas; gently floating them in the world to see which ones are supported. I’m learning to trust my intuition by what choice feels alive, centered, peaceful and strong in my body.

Today’s blog is a little more stream of consciousness than typical. Let me know what you think. And it still relates to the idea of savoring.. The savor idea started last night and seemed to fit with the aliveness and paying attention messages that I was receiving this morning.

To all you artists on the way, do your morning pages, clear your mind, listen and open to the delicious possibilities coming your way. Savor the Day.


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