Tuning into Spirit

Are you listening and tuning into spirit?

Or as Verizon’s ad famously asks, can you hear me now? What a wonderful question! I believe that God/ spirit/ universe/ life is asking us to listen. This applies to all areas of our lives. They are messages for us.

I finally understand in a deep experiential way that we are like radios that must be tuned to spirit in order to receive our messages and blessings. We must tune to the correct station! We must become an open channel for life to flow.

I am experiencing this in my body as an open mind, peaceful heart, and tingly feelings in my body that seems to start with my head, then travel down my neck, spine, arms and legs. Maybe it starts in my mind because that is the place of most resistance for me. Our minds are like the radio tuner that must be dialed to God. Can you hear me now? I’ve been tuning into spirit radio more and more lately, but only today am I truly understanding the process.

I am now a willing channel, open to being guided, blessed, supported, and used for spirit’s purposes. I won’t assume that I know what is best and yet this is still a co-creative dance. We must listen and pay attention to our partner so that we may dance together. I am joyfully ready and open for the dance to begin. We can make song requests, but whatever song comes on, get up and dance!

Are you Listening

I believe that our main purpose is to be open and receptive to spirit as we go about our daily life.

I am coming to understand the idea that everything in life is communicating with us if only we would listen. Whether this is the news, friends, enemies, coworkers, or nature. We must listen. We must be open. We must say yes to all life; to all of our feelings, experiences, challenges and successes.

I know how easy it is to resist that which we think we don’t like or don’t want. But there is still a message. Life will whisper if we are quiet and listening. Another good reason for prayer and meditation time. If we are too busy, life may slow us down. If we are completely blocked, spirit may forcefully get our attention. I’ve been known to require a 2 x 4 on the head!

Alan Seale talks about problems not to be solved, but as messages to be listened to. Similarly with feelings. Every feeling has a message for us. Fear might be a nudge to listen. Anger a call to take action. Hurt a request to set boundaries. The point is to willingly embrace all feelings and experiences.

Be willing to listen. Be willing to learn. Be willing to make changes. Be willing to take action.

Let the Dance Begin!


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