Awesome Stories 393- Holiday Edition

Awesome Stories 393-Holiday  Edition

Awesome Stories

Winter snow from my days in Colorado.

Welcome back to Awesome Stories. I’ve been feeling the pull to do at least one more collection for the holidays. I can’t promise that I will continue this series as it is very time consuming and I started my new part-time job this week. I’m back doing food demos, this time inside Wal-Mart stores. This marketing company seems more professional and I like my manager. Hopefully, this will be a good match, at least until I decide whether to work a few more years or retire in May. It’s important to keep hope alive, especially during our darkest hours. Many of you have helped keep that hope alive for me during my challenging times. I appreciate the love and support so many of you have given me. Thank you! Then we must add some goals and action into the mix. Maybe together, we can make 2020 a year of thriving or at least turning things around. The world certainly needs our help, hope, love, and action.

Compassionate Intuit Parenting

I’ve not been a parent, so I might be off the mark, but this article really struck a chord.

They never acted in anger toward me, although they were angry with me an awful lot.  Jean Briggs 

Intuit parenting, compassionHow Intuit parents raise their kids to deal with anger. They don’t scold, yell, or punish a child who acts in anger. They simply ignore it and SHOW with their actions a better way to respond. And they often do this with stories and questions. The Intuit parents are incredibly gentle and nurturing. They operate with the Golden Rule to never yell, shout, or respond to a child in anger. When a child acts out, they view it as a call for help and the parent’s job is to figure out what they need. Again, this strikes me as an incredibly wise and compassionate way to parent. I bet many of us would benefit from this approach even as adults with our friends, family, and co-workers.

Parents who control their own anger are helping their children learn to do the same. Rather than punishment or disciple, traditional Intuit parenting would use stories and questions to guide the child in responding in a better way. Modern research is showing the value of storytelling to impact and even rewrite our brains. Stories that are personal and emotionally compelling have more impact. To learn more about the power of storytelling, read this article by Paul Zak called why your brain loves storytelling.

Good News from Around the World

tree plantingHere is a fun collection of positive stories from around the world. I like the playful tone of the article and the colorful illustrations. It reminds us that despite the challenges that are highlighted in mainstream news, the world is full of good people doing good things. Much like the reasons I started Awesome Stories, the creators started The Happy Broadcast to remind us that we are progressing on many fronts around the world despite the fear-mongering headlines. May our hearts be merry.

Kids and Their Dogs

little kids & dogsI love these photos. Russian photographer Andy Seliverstoff created this delightful collection called Little Kids and Their Big Dogs. The love and genuine connections shine brightly in this gallery of images. Andy takes time to make sure he gets to know his subjects, highlighting their personality and bond. The compelling images tell a story of love shining brightly in photons, no words needed. Enjoy the show!

May we remember to enjoy the season, making time to simply be, love, play, feel gratitude or share some stories!

Happy Holidays! 🌲🎅🎄🎁🎉



41 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 393- Holiday Edition

  1. Aww Brad, what a wonderful post! You have really warmed my heart with your beautiful offerings of joy, positivity, and hope. Love it! I have just shared the uplifting news of 2019 on my FB, because I so agree – we need to consciously shift our focus to what´s right and uplifting and strengthen that 🙂 Mainstream media is all about agenda setting and enforcing the negativity-bias as mentioned in the Happy Broadcast article, I remember studying this at Uni and it really stayed with me – Mainstream news are very far from objective!! I am currently going through the uplifting news and love it. Thanks for this perfect Christmas gift Brad! Also loved the Inuit-story. I will bookmark this post of yours, its just too fabulous! And congrats on your new job also:) Warm Christmas hugs for you dear xx

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  2. I agree with everything that people have already commented. I am truly grateful for hopeful news of human beings acting with love and respect on planet earth. As you so clearly write: “It’s important to keep hope alive, especially during our darkest hours.” Deep breath in. Deep breath out.

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  3. I think it is best to keep working as long as possible, Brad. Extra money is always useful and It gives you purpose and structure in life. If you hate your work, it is different, but if you like it or don’t mind it, this advice stands.


  4. so happy to hear you have a part time job for now while things are shifting. thank you so much for sharing this wonderful post. it really is the perfect positive energy to close out the year and charge the new one with. i love the compassionate Intuit parenting article. i’m not a parent to human children in this lifetime, but this way really resonates with me and what i would hope to do if i did in fact have children. the positive stories post is a great way to focus on what’s good in the world, as we hear so much of what isn’t. and the photos of the children with their dogs is pure magick!! wishing you a wonder-filled holiday and sending so much love and warm hugs ❤

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  5. These stories are always a treat. The big dog, little kid photos were better than the most delicious dessert. You have a genuinely delightful way of summarizing and leading us to your awesome stories. It feels right that you share them whenever you feel the urge. Thanks for keeping hope alive – yours and ours. You are in my prayers as I wish you peace and joy in the days and years ahead.

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  6. This is a marvelous positive post, Brad. Just the thing for the season. And as much as I hate snow, your photo is still gorgeous. I did some food demos back in the day, and really enjoyed the work. (I wouldn’t be able to do anything like that now. Standing for any length of time at all causes severe back pain… The results of foolishly having to be wonder woman.)
    Wishing all your favorite holiday dreams come true. Hugs on the wing!

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  7. Another great collection, Brad! Perfect for the holiday season. Hope you have a great holiday and New Year! Wishing you a blessed and prosperous 2020, Brad! Thanks for your dedication to the Awesome Stories, too. They are indeed, awesome.


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  8. I am so behind on catching up….sorry! Love this…all three stories are so positive. The first one really caught my eye as our daughter and son-in-law are doing something very similar with their very bright, independent and often challenging daughter. It cracks me up to watch her try and control things first by manipulation and then by anger. Neither of them get riled and simply state her choices of options. I applaud their ability to manage the situation instead of getting angry and frustrated. Can’t leave without commenting on the pic of little girl and dog…beautiful!! Congrats on the job…my blessings and prayers for you this new year!!

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