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A Season of Change

A Season of Change ~ earthy smells delightful colors a time for letting go slowing and savoring decay lingers in the air the leaves are falling nature is storing her energy Joe Biden is President-Elect hope is in the air ~

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Wealth and Reform

Wealth and Reform I haven’t read the book Capital by Thomas Piketty, but most of us know about the growing power and wealth of the 1%. That term comes from his book that Paul Krugman sums up in the video below. The information in the video has greatly influenced my current views on our political…

Holy Days

Grace and Hope

Grace and Hope These two words are at the core of what I would call a spiritual life. I want to make room for more grace and hope in my heart. For the holidays and new year, I intend to create more time and space for grace, quiet, and contemplation. I spend a lot of…

Awesome Stories

Awesome Stories 393- Holiday Edition

Awesome Stories 393-Holiday  Edition Welcome back to Awesome Stories. I’ve been feeling the pull to do at least one more collection for the holidays. I can’t promise that I will continue this series as it is very time consuming and I started my new part-time job this week. I’m back doing food demos, this time…

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Awesome Stories 385

This week Awesome Stories brings you the gift of children. The Gift of Children Anyone who is a parent knows the joy of children and the miracle of life. Looking at babies and young children, we see the innocence and joy that is our birthright. Children represent our innocence, born in love and potential. We…

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Awesome Stories 349- Christmas Edition

This week Awesome Stories brings you music and stories to inspire you for the holidays. For me, stories and music are the core of what it means to be human. We express our ideas, lessons, and values with our stories. And we express our feelings and share our stories energetically with music. They both have…

Turkey Tales, poetry

Turkey Tales

Turkey Tales there once was a turkey named freebird who wasn’t one to follow the herd rather than gobbling all the time he’d rather explore the sublime ~ this is a whimsical tale of a fellow who loved kale rather than debate over dark and white he loves the many shades of light ~ sad…