Muted Moments

Muted Moments


mountains full of brown

muted colors fill my view

moments to reflect

on quiet beauty below

reveal the cycles of life


I may want grand colors and awe-inspiring views, but life gives us what it will. Similarly, we may want to be happy all the time, but life is filled with cycles, peaks, and valleys. The key to flowing with life is acceptance, creating purpose/ meaning, and looking for good where we are. I may know these truths, but it doesn’t mean I live them all the time. This fall has been full of muted moments rather than glorious joys. I feel rather numb and removed from life, but still, I have a quiet core of strength and acceptance. They keep me anchored during this season of change (autumn) reflected by my loss of job and needing to find work and income again.

Even mountains full of muted colors can reflect beauty or new perspectives. And the long quiet days offer peace and rest when I might have preferred work and busyness.

If you’re wondering about the bright golden colors in my new header photo, that image is from a previous colorful autumn view. We can enhance our muted moments with creativity, imagination, and love!

To acceptance and muted moments.


62 thoughts on “Muted Moments

  1. Sensitively written, Brad. It is the same here, autumn has been more muted in colours.
    I can see why you would love a sparkling day with bright colours to lift the worry feelings
    that have entered now.
    I really wish you best of success in finding a good position that gives you both money and satisfaction.


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  2. beautiful insights brad! i think what you said about having those anchors, even if we fluctuate with things, really does help to remind us and offer sense of peace when reflected upon. life’s cycles are like nature’s and all of it is beautiful from the heart’s perspective ❀ warmest hugs to you my sweet friend

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  3. Brad, this is a valuable reflection. Muted colors and the space to not be occupied with busyness provide us with an opportunity to learn. In the past I have used busyness as a coping skill for not dealing with my feelings. Lately, I have been asking myself, what is there for me to learn from this new space? Life can be very difficult and I believe there are gifts to be found in the challenging moments. Be kind to yourself. Thank you for your authentic sharing.

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  4. Feeling comfy in the uncomfy… anchored deeply in the now will surely bring you to pastures desired❀️ Beautiful words Brad, sorry about your job but maybe you created this scenario for some reason, to be understood later. Keep smiling, much love, Barbara x

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  5. Hi Brad, beautiful image and reflections! I really like how you emphasize the importance of acceptance. I find that acceptance is always the first step to transformation, donΒ΄t you reckon? Also, totally agree – there are plenty of “muted” times in life, times when things donΒ΄t seem to flow the way we want them to, and when itΒ΄s just harder to connect to the joy within. Mindful presence is a great ally in these times – keep it up!

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  6. I like the subtlety of late autumn colors, Brad. What a beautiful view of the valley and sapphire sky. I could relate to your musing, because ups and downs are certainly part of life’s rhythm. I hope that while you hiberate, the promise of spring is alive inside you too. Happy Thanksgiving.

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  7. A very beautiful and poignant post. I have learned that every now and then we need these quiet times….when we simply. ponder….they pass like everything else but bring a sense of recuperation with them. I hope the right job comes along for you, one that where you can express your creativity. I. hope you enjoy a good Thanksgiving. Janet XX

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  8. Those mountains may be muted Brad, but they give a different sense of time – they remind us that sometimes things appear not to move (even though they’re changing all the time) and that we need patience until what’s right for us shows itself. Wishing you the best during this muted season Brad.

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  9. Thanks for the reminder, Brad. It amazes me how my mood can reflect the season we are in. It truly is a time for letting go…like the leaves on the trees. I hear peace in your words…even though life may seem a bit hectic. That is a good place. Sweet Blessings…

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  10. Such wise words Brad. Life has its ups and downs and different things matter to us at different times. Sorry to hear you have been feeling rather disconnected from life. It sounds like you are trying to find where to go next in life. Really sorry about the job loss. I do remember reading a post from you that you didn’t enjoy your job. Maybe this is a sign of things to come – a new beginning where you feel comforted and welcomed.

    Lovely images all round especially they yellow header photo. You have a knack for nature photography πŸ™‚

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  11. I’ve been feeling a bit muted, too. It was reassuring and soothing to read your poem + your thoughts afterwards β€” and then to read all of the gentle and wise comments which it elicited. What a lovely community of readers β€” and writers β€” you have gathered/attracted! Deep breath in. Deep breath out.

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    • I’m glad my post and community comments could sooth you Will. Knowing others understand or can relate to what we’re feeling is deeply nurturing. I am most grateful for this community and glad you’re part of it. blessings, Brad


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