Soul Spaces 115 – Ancient Sentinels

Ancient Sentinels


ancient hardwood trees

guardians of forest paths

towers of wisdom


tiptoeing through the forest

a peaceful stillness prevails

the ancients are watching

wondering if we will ever wake up

or simply keep racing through life

consuming our lattes and danish

with the earth in the balance

the choices of mankind lie heavy

instant gratification or wisdom

time will tell


46 thoughts on “Soul Spaces 115 – Ancient Sentinels

  1. Time will absolutely tell, Brad! Beautiful photo…great post that is so timely right now even if a lot of people want to act like the way we treat our mother earth does not matter! I, just this morning, was watching a man talk about how Miami will suffer from a 3 foot increase in ocean level. If you’ve ever been to Miami you get the idea of just how devastating that will be. Miami is not alone.
    Hope you continue to enjoy your weekend and that things are feeling good!

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  2. Brad, I love your poems and the incredible shot of that tree. Don’t you just want to hold on to it.
    A source f wisdom indeed.
    In you ur next poem you wonder what man will do, will we live in harmony with these sentinels or
    in our rushing destroy.


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  3. The photo is perfect with the tree looking down on us and wondering. Your words remind us to look up and learn for this ancient wisdom. I am thankful for the trees and for you sharing their importance.

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  4. I hope lattes and wisdom aren’t mutually exclusive. That would be a difficult choice! Lol. Beautiful poetry as always, Brad. I’m a tree-hugger who feels a strong connection to our ancient sentinels. They have a lot to teach us about living in harmony.

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