Steampunk Dreams

Steampunk Dreams

haunted dreams

Image of Scotland by Kirk Lanier


machines belching smoke

ominous haze fills the sky

man imprints the land

ancient bells sound the alarm

steampunk dreams running rampant


If you don’t know, steampunk is a genre of science fiction that incorporates technology and design elements inspired by 19th-century steam-powered machinery. Looking at this image from Kirk, I heard the words “Steampunk Dreams.” I like it for both the subtle beauty and dark overtones. Kirk is a gifted local photographer who graciously allowed me to borrow his image from a recent trip to Scotland. Thanks Kirk.


22 thoughts on “Steampunk Dreams

  1. Thank you for this one. Another climate change report has been published today pointing out just how dangerous the global situation is. Our planet is so magnificent….we need to wake up before it’s all too late…..Your words and image perfectly illustrate this. I hope you enjoy a lovely and peaceful weekend. Janet πŸ™‚

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