tranquility, flow, peace, poem


peaceful green waters

calm my busy mind chatter

resting in the flow


34 thoughts on “Tranquility

  1. Yes!! Love it Brad! I also use my cellphone exclusively…I think about a “real” camera, but then I think about taking it with me everywhere I go…because most of my shots just “appear!” 🙂 Hope this week is going well for you. ❤

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  2. Water is life, right along with the air we breathe and the energy we eat. I suspect that’s why water affects our thoughts and emotions as it does. Peaceful waters tend to calm and center me, contentment. Crashing waves of water seem to rhythmically energizes me, liveliness. A hot bath on a cold winter’s evening warms me, relaxation. Water is all-powerful stuff, that’s for sure. And with just the right amounts, inside and out, we thrive.

    Thanks for sharing your poem. It reminded me to appreciate (and drink) water just now. Cheers to life!


    • Indeed, water is hugely important to me and life! I sometimes think about moving to live near a body of water, especially a lake or ocean to swim in. I love to be near, swim and play in water. It soothes me greatly too. Thanks for “flowing” with me and the water. XD

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  3. I’m laughing Sue. You must be paying attention. I write about it, take photos and rarely nurture myself lately. So yes!, I will take time to nurture myself and enjoy the tranquil waters of peace and stillness.
    Thanks my friend. 🙂


  4. And amid the calmness, a splash of pink, like a brilliant idea, bubbles to the surface, an awareness I had not seen before (in reference to the tree in your picture) 🙂 Beautiful poem, Brad – tranquility, calmness, and stillness precede the awareness that becomes movement, action, and accomplishment 😉

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  5. Interesting reflections Dave. I hadn’t thought of the stillness preceding action, but that seems right, I’ve been trying to force decisions and ideas due to the pressure of my situation. Thanks my friend.
    to stillness and tranquility….


  6. Resting in the flow ~ not a better place to be. Sometimes we have no choice but to flail about in dealing with life, but hopefully those moments are rare (if we allow them to be). Cheers!

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