Awesome Stories 219

This week Awesome Stories brings good sportsmanship, student support, simplicity, safer biking and jumping for joy!

Good Sportsmanship

I love this video and message. Two high school basketball players for the opposing team decided to do something about the Gainesville, TX, Tornadoes lack of fan base. How and what they did will touch your heart. I know I love receiving support and encouragement. Wouldn’t it be great if we did this for each other in all areas of life? Go Team Go!   🙂

Volvo Lifepaint

This is an excellent idea. I would definitely use this paint. Volvo has helped market a special paint that is invisible by day and reflective by night. You can spray it on your bike, clothes and accessories to ensure you’re visible to drivers and pedestrians at night by reflecting light back towards its source like reflective safety tape. Currently, it’s being promoted in the UK. The paint is Albedo’s Invisible Bright paint rebranded with Volvo, so it is available in the US. They have a version for textiles that can be washed out, and a permanent paint for metals like your bike.

Join the Posse

The Posse Foundation is an organization dedicated to helping students succeed in college. After talking with good students who dropped out of college, Deborah Bial had the inspiration to start an organization to give students a posse to help them succeed. Since starting in 1989, they have helped more than 6200 students attend and excel at college, with over 90% graduating. And many going on to succeed in the lives. I wish I had a posse in college. I did well academically, but never really fit in socially or created my own tribe of support or friendship. I think Posse has hit on a key component for success in life; having a good support system. Some people have it in their families, friends, co-workers or mentors. Some of us flail around on our own.

Jump for Joy!Jump for Joy!, Awesome Stories

I love this project by Eyoälha Baker called Jump for Joy! As the name implies, her project was born out of a desire to highlight and share joy. She found a simple and direct way to spread joy by photographing people jumping. I’ve been following her blog for over a year, and every post brings a smile to my face. Jump in and join the fun!  🙂

Voluntary Simplicity

I agree with Duane Elgin, and the voluntary simplicity movement, that more of us need to live simpler lives. The beauty of the simple life goes beyond helping the planet by living with less consumption. I feel better when I slow down, savor and enjoy each step, reclaiming my spirit from busyness. Most of us get so caught up in the modern life of buying, consuming, and rushing to achieve our dreams that we don’t really relish the day to day details of life. The gift of existence itself is a precious gift. We have been gifted the miracle of a body, consciousness and beautiful vehicle by which to explore life on this planet. The fundamental difference is whether we live in awareness of the precious aliveness of the world around us and with us.

Let’s slow down and savor our precious lives. May your week be simply awesome.  🙂


20 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 219

  1. Yay, looks like I’m not the only one with a waterworks issue (thanks Laura!! 😉 )! The video really hit a nerve. So many opportunities like that exist in our world, wishing stories like this were more the norm than the exception. Thanks for shedding light on that beautiful possibility. Happy weekend!!

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  2. This is just a great video you have posted ~ gave me a super feeling to start the week, as it is so important to give kids the feeling that there is love in the world. Wonderful post Brad…incredible.

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  3. As alway Brad inspirational !!! This week I have to say the life paint won it for me, as a cyclist I know the dangers, this highlights (excuse the pun) the issues amazingly and could save lives and help promote cycling always a good thing. Thanks again !:)

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