Say Yes!


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Yes to spring!

 Always say ‘yes’ to the present moment…surrender to what is. Say ‘yes to life’ and see how life starts to work for you rather than against you. ~ Eckhart Tolle

Say yes to life and life will compound the favor! Saying yes to life is a great way to find joy and flow. Gratitude is another foundation for flowing with life. Find ways to look for and find the good in our lives. Kim Hodous, a dynamic author, coach and speaker, reminded us about the power of mindset today at Unity of Fayetteville. This was the perfect message for me to hear on the verge of my new sales job.

Here are Kim’s 4 main tips for having a good mindset:

  1. Acceptance. Let go of judgment. It cuts us off from life. Instead, say yes to what is. Allow life and others to be as they are with no judgment of how they “should be”. This way we align with life instead of fighting or resisting it.
  2. Optimism. Always look for the good in every situation. We all have challenges, but an optimist looks for the good and/ or lesson in every situation. If you’re like me and started life as a pessimist, there is still hope. Optimism can be learned. We simply have to practice more. Positive energy attracts positive outcomes. People and life want to work with us.
  3. Inspiration. Kim called it presence with an eye toward the future. The key is letting go of our past, which is where all the sad and painful stories that hold us back live. If we live in the present with inspiration for the future, we have forward momentum. Having an inspiring goal or vision can be a juicy beacon that helps us move forward. Then we have both a target and motivation.
  4. Gratitude. Fill your energy tank. Being grateful for what you already have helps open your mind and heart for more blessings to flow. There are so many great ways to practice gratitude. Just find one that is fun for you and do it.

The last point is mine. I’ve found in many areas of my life that enjoyment must be part of what we are doing. Especially if we are trying to change our habits. Like keeping fit and active. If I try to force myself to exercise, doing something I don’t really enjoy, it’s much harder to find the motivation. But when I do active things I enjoy like hiking and biking, then it seems like play and I want to do it.

As a fun contrast, here is a post from last year called Saying Yes to Life!  Just say Yes! and start flowing with life.


24 thoughts on “Say Yes!

  1. Hello dear Brad! Excellent! Love this piece…love the idea of acceptance and being in the moment. This is sage advice and I am thankful to hear it at a time when it mean so much to me 🙂 So a new sales job?? I will be sending you really good energy and many blessings for your success ❤ ❤

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  2. We’ve been in sync. =) I’ve been thinking about your last point, esp in regard to exercise. So simple but feels so profound when it hits you. Women and moms (and Koreans!) are so good in the trenches of duty. We forget life is to be savored.

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  3. Love those four points. Of all of them, I struggle with judgement the most. I admit it. Sometimes I get hung up on how I think people should act, what they should or shouldn’t say, what they should do…and then step back and realize it only contributes to my worries and I have enough of those. Haha.
    PS – really enjoyed your comment over at my blog. Great minds. Great minds. 🙂

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  4. Thanks Cynthia. I have to work at all 4 of them! 🙂 And self-judgement might be my biggest one. I appreciate that we have some similar traits and perspectives. Maybe I’ll figure out the purpose thing some day!


  5. Yes I agree its much harder doing something you do not enjoy rather than doing something you do..

    Always enjoy catching up with your insightful posts Brad… And Sending love and Gratitude for sharing Kim;s tips.
    Blessings your way

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  6. What a fabulous bounce into Spring!! It’s amazing how the universe will flow with you, even giving you extra lift, when you’re in sync with yourself and your passions. Thanks, Brad — and Happy First Day of Spring!! 😘

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