Shine Your Light

Shine Your Lightinner radiance, World Day of Prayer

fear whispers

who are you to shine

don’t listen

you are radiant beyond measure

a beacon in the dark

a star seeded beauty

come to light up the world

with cosmic rainbows of love

sharing your special rays

let your light shine!


I wrote this poem in celebration of World Day of Prayer, September 11, 2014. Please join Unity in celebrating this day of prayer to encourage everyone to remember their inner radiance. From the Unity website, “We Are the Light of the World—Let Your Light Shine.”

blessings, Brad


26 thoughts on “Shine Your Light

  1. Thats such a beautiful poem and a wonderful tribute.. May we all of us remember All those who take their transition through the destructive forces created by others… I continually pray for Peace Brad. Like you we need each and everyone of our Lights to Shine… Keep on Shining on Brad.. Wonderful entry ~ Sue

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  2. Need your help. I setup PLANET EARTH NEWSLETTER on a couple of days ago. My subscribers likes have dropped dramatically. Something must have went wrong with the redirect. Have you noticed anything wrong with my email notifications you get from me the last two posts ups. Thanks.

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  3. Hi Lee, Your new site looks very good. I’m receiving the emails like normal. What I noticed is it now requires us to sign in with name, email, etc before it will allow a comment at the bottom of the page. This deters me from wanting to take the time to leave a comment. Maybe it’s not recognizing some folks who previously visited or a tech issue?


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