Macro Majesty

~ forest foraging reveals a beautiful nut tasty new harvest ~ ~ softly glowing light a leaf becomes a beacon broadcasting beauty ~ ~ I’m still waiting to see if we’ll have a grand display this year. Meanwhile, I found some simple treasures to warm my heart. Happy Autumn!

sunset, the sounds of silence

Soul Spaces 116 – Sound

Soul Spaces 116 – Sound Sound can be a great tool for healing, centering, and uplifting our spirits. I bet you’ve experienced the magic of music and sound many times, whether listening to your favorite pop artist, friend, choir, or sacred music. Even the scientists are getting into the music game! They’re researching and demonstrating…

reflections, water, poetry

Golden Lights

Golden Lights ~ moonbeams and sunlight dance on ripples of water beacons for my heart ~ ~ I’ve always enjoyed the dancing of light over rippling water. It both soothes and mesmerizes me.  

Christmas, lights, poetry

Merry Mashup

Merry Mashup ~ a tangle of glories wrapped in silly stories you better be nice Santa knows your vice ~ tots wrangling for toys glittering dolls for boys construction sets for girls the genders have twirls ~ a time for inclusion beyond the illusion underneath the stories masks and glories ~ let the Christmas spirit…

Thanksgiving, love, life

Celebrate Thanksgiving by Loving Life

Celebrate Thanksgiving by Loving Life A friend of mine, Christi Daniels, gave a talk at the local Science of Mind center about coming home and appreciation. Christi talked about her intense year after intending to find a home within her self and all the stuff that came up to show her what was holding her back. The biggest…

solar eclipse, poetry,

Elusive Eclipse

Elusive Eclipse ~ shadows chasing light race across the earthen fields cosmic dance unfolds ~ Truthfully, the whole eclipse was a bit of a letdown for me. We were in a 93% zone, but the light didn’t really change much, the birds stayed active, and life went on. I’m still glad I participated. This lovely…

night lights, poetry, haiku

Night Lights

Night Lights ~ sunset brings delight city lights enhance the show nightlife has begun ~ I usually prefer photos of nature only, but this scene caught my attention while biking home recently. I decided to surrender to the city life such as it is in our quaint “city” of 70,000. May your nights be filled with…