The Bear Essentials

The Bear Essentialsbear family, poetry

there is a family of simple bears

who live in a humble forest lair

they are a lively and happy lot

with elegant manners taught


flowers, ties and grace at every meal

is the family dining deal

fetch yourself some tasty grog

and have a seat on the family log


oodles of berries and honey

more bountiful than funny money

so yummy it makes your tummy tingle

transforming food into comic jingles


come join our family fray

with laughter and lively play

no worries for this crew

we live each day brand new


Here’s a shout out to kids, bears, fun and the simple joys of life. Once again the playful ceramics of Belén Soto inspired me to have fun with my poetry. I hope you enjoy her delightful bears and other creative creatures on her website


24 thoughts on “The Bear Essentials

  1. Hi Brad, I must first apologize for the long absence, summer is the best time for my work and spend a lot of time on the road … I have worked very hard and trust your indulgence 🙂
    I love to meet this wonderful surprise, this is a happy return!!!
    My bear family is honored by the invitation and enjoy your stay in your country (I hope the dress is right … maybe too formal?)
    Thanks for everything and a big hug.

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    • Thank you Belén. I have so much fun making up stories to go with your delightful figures. I’m glad you are having time to create more wonderful art. And I’m most grateful that you allow me to use your images to create poems and share your gifts. I’m happy the bears enjoyed their stay in Arkansas with a quick tour around the country. XD It’s good we can play and be creative! many blessings to you and yours, Brad


  2. Reblogged this on knitting with heart and commented:
    awe… Anybody out there feel like they need a big ol’ bear hug today?
    Well here’s hoping this cute poem inspired by the whimsical ceramic
    artistry of Belén Soto will brighten somebody’s day, today! 😍😘☺️ ♥ Jackie


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