Little Reminders

Little Reminderslittle ones, Belen Soto


the little one’s glee

shining innocent and free

reminder to be


Here is another fun ceramic figure from Belén Soto, inspiring me to play and enjoy life. This cute character is called El Pequeño, meaning the little one, from the Duende family. He appears to be doing a famous yoga pose called examine your feet! May you find your own inspiration or play with some little ones, remembering the beauty in play, innocence, and seeing the world with fresh eyes.

Blessings, Brad


30 thoughts on “Little Reminders

  1. Thank you Brad, I think this little elf deserved a second chance, he is the happiest and fun of my creatures, he always has time to play with the visits … among the other bigger pieces, he always goes unnoticed.
    I really appreciate that you offer a place in your blog, it is perfect for this post so cheerful and inspiring.
    Send a big hug dear friend ,,, the little elf also sends a hug and says thanks 😉

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  2. Glee, free and be! 3 great words to focus on today…as well as frolic from another of your lovely poems. Thanks Brad.

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