Awesome Stories 1.23

Let’s start this week’s Awesome Stories with a blast!

Humans exist for awe’s sake – to be radically amazed and to draw radical amazement from one another… It is a mystical task, a task that demands we overcome the temptation to take our existence for granted. – Matthew Fox

Put on your dancing shoes, sing out and prepare for awesomeness with Sara Bareilles in her Brave video. Music, singing and dancing are powerful ways to shift our energy states. Why not start your day with a boost of joy. Be Brave!

TOSA buses

TOSA buses

Awesome new fast chargers for electric buses are being tested in Geneva Switzerland.

These flash chargers by ABB Company will recharge a 150 passenger electric bus in 15″. Select bus stops will be fitted with the chargers to  recharge while the bus is stopped for passengers. The new TOSA system will allow for more flexible, cost-effective, efficient public transportation that reduces pollution and noise.

The Finnish Miracle. Wow!

Learn about their bold and unique educational approach in Finland. In 2001, achieved the #1 ranking world wide for student test results based on the PIZA tests. They do things very different; like start school at age 7,only go 4-5 hours/ day, have no formal testing, have free time, work at their own pace, pick some of their own topics, go outside daily and more. To learn more, watch this documentary by Dan Rather called Finnish First.

Here are nine, fun-and-easy, reminders from National Wildlife Federation on how to enjoy nature. June is dedicated as Great Outdoors Month. Got out and enjoy!

Awesome Stories 1.23

Photo by Barbara Lauver. National Wildlife® Photo Contest donated entry.

Disappearing Plastic Bottles

My dream is for bottled water to disappear. Did you know we currently throw away 38 Billion water bottles a year in the US alone? A handful of our US National Parks have banned the sale of plastic water bottles. Those parks have installed more water fountains and sell reusable water bottles to help people adopt to the new policy. There is currently discussion at the National Parks to ban bottled water nationwide. The challenge has been the water vendors, like Coke, who sell bottled water. Please consider supporting this ban and eliminating bottled water from your lifestyle too. Bring your own water bottle with you. Thanks.

Solar done well. Thank you New Jersey.

New Jersey is investing $447 million in a new initiative to boost solar energy. In a smart use of land, the initiative will provide $247 million to create solar farms on brownfields and industrial landfills, places that would otherwise be unusable. Then it offers another $200 million for individuals and businesses that want to install solar panels on their own property. New Jersey is showing how to provide smart incentives to boost the solar economy for the good of all. Awesome!

Have you caught the Awesome bug yet? Please share something awesome from your life.


3 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 1.23

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  2. Thanks, Brad! Love, Love, Loved Sara’s video. It’s far too easy worrying about “what others will think” and missing out on life.

    Don’t even get me started on the plastic bottles!! Growing up in a time when we drank tap water at home or from the nearest drinking fountain in public, I don’t understand the entire movement in places like the U.S. where our tap water should be perfectly “safe.”. Sailing in Phuket a few years back, there were entire beaches filled with trash consisting mostly of — you guessed it — plastic bottles… 😦


  3. Thanks, Shauna,
    I loved that video too, must be time to watch again! Yes, bottled water the bane of our society! Though bottled water is just one part of a larger problem with our convenience/ throwaway oriented lifestyles that don’t really work well in the long run, especially for our gracious host, mother earth!


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