Awesome Stories 1.24

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Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. ~ Mark Twain

Let’s start summer with 24 Awesome Acts of Kindness.


photo source- Daily Good

This article from BuzzFeed poignantly demonstrates the power or kindness to spread ripples of love, person to person, heart to heart and place to place. What if we all made it our purpose to practice random acts of kindness? I couldn’t pick a favorite from 4, 11, 14 and 18, but 11 was the first to choke me up. What’s your favorite act of kindness?

California’s air is getting cleaner!

According to a study done by NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), the emissions in CA have decreased since the 60’s despite a large growth in population and vehicles. CA has been one of the more aggressive states in terms of promoting renewable energy, EVs, strict vehicle emission testing, and recently a net-zero home building initiative too. It’s inspiring to see all the progress on the environmental front by CA. It proves that dedicated people can make a difference.

From Coast to Coast

Not to be left out, Maine is taking advantage of it’s best resource, offshore wind. After winning several grants, including 7.1 Million from the Dept. of Energy, researchers at the University of Maine have developed their floating wind turbine technology. They successfully launched the 1/8th scale test turbine on June 11, 2013 and are already producing electricity! Some of the breakthroughs include using concrete and composites instead of steel. This has greatly reduced the cost, weight and complexity. The turbines can be moved offshore with simple tug boats. UMaine is planning the first full size turbine to launch in 2016 and spin off a company this summer to commercialize the technology. Their approach has the added benefits of being further offshore to eliminate sight and sound concerns while tapping into better winds. Win wind!

Jumping further afield, let’s go to Australia.

Awesome Stories 1.24

Green roof at Beare Park, Sydney- source

Sydney is home to one of the country’s largest green wall installations. Green walls and roofs are “growing” in popularity for many reasons. They add beauty and shade, improve water quality, aid well being and decrease heating and cooling costs. As a nature nut, I’m delighted that we are coming to appreciate nature in our models for living and building, realizing that nature has much to teach us. The field of biomimicry is based on learning and adapting holistic natural systems for sustainable building design and construction.

While we’re abroad, let’s look to india for an innovative eye care system.

Aravind Eye Care System started out as a simple eye clinic to treat curable blindness. To date, they have treated 32 Million patients and performed 4 Million surgeries, with the majority of the procedures done at low cost or free! Yet, they made $13 Million profit on $29 Million in sales last year! They allow every patient to choose what they want to pay from market rates to free. Everyone receives the same quality treatment and doctors.

It’s awesome to see the growing creative approaches to business based on giving first. 

What awesome business stories have you heard?


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