Awesome Stories 1.54

Awesome Stories 1.54 gives you a peek into restorative justice, dancing, super solar, achieving goals and much more. #inspiration

Heliotropeself sustaining solar home

Here’s the first solar home to create more energy than it uses. The home was designed by architect Ralph Disch to take full advantage of the sun with rotating solar panels, solar tubes for hot water and lots of triple pane glass. Heliotrope not only achieves net zero status, but actually generates 5 times as much energy as it uses! Image source:

Learning to See More Completely

This is a very thoughtful and touching post about a photographer who lost the use of his right eye and his journey to Awaken Sight on a much broader scale. I’m amazed at David Ulrich’s acceptance of his loss as an opportunity to let go, prepare for loss and change, and then embrace a much broader way of living in general. I’m not sure that I would be as brave or insightful. David profoundly writes that “learning to see, learning to be, and learning to come into accord with the deeper sources within, and without—these are, undoubtedly, the greatest challenges given us, the most potent tests of our creative aspirations and capabilities.”

Plant Intelligence

People and scientists have talked about plant intelligence for years, but this new science called plant neurobiology seems to be showing much more range of awareness, sensing and intelligence than you might think. This podcast with Michael Pollan talks about the latest research on plant intelligence. Listen to the podcast or look at the video for an amazing look at plant behavior.

Say Goodbye to Goals!

James Clear suggests that we can be more effective by focusing on systems instead of goals. He shows how using systems tends to get us where we want, while goals often become counter- productive.  I can see how the times I’ve been most effective have been while having and working a good process or system, so I agree with his approach, what about you?

Tearful Goodbye

Restoring Justice

Here is an approach to justice that really speaks to my heart. I love how the young men in this story were helped to face the consequences for their actions in a responsible way, given a chance to learn from their choices and make reparations. I was touched how officer Greg Ruprecht has become a champion for this refreshing approach to crime. And communities like Longmont have created programs to involve the community, offenders and victims in the process of justice. I believe this approach could dramatically change our crimminal justice system by saving lives and money.

More Dancing Fun!

Cultivating Courage

Here is a great post offering tips to face and conquer our fears. Carolyn Gregoire offers 6 practical, science-based, steps to overcome our fears. Science has found demonstrable ways that we can build our courage and overcome our fears. For most of us, fear doesn’t go away, but courage and success come from learning to take action in spite of the fears. Being authentic and having a process to lean on would seem to help too. How do you deal with fear in your life?

Thanks for tuning in for another week of inspiring stories. May you find much to appreciate in your life.


10 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 1.54

  1. Love the Heliotrope objective and achievement; I would just prefer a little more privacy – perhaps the same setup on an isolated mountainside. Still, a noble outcome. As for plant intelligence, for some time I have acknowledged all sentient beings as being blessed in their own unique way, able to contribute to the Universe. Everything has value and purpose (IMO). And being the contrarian and non-conformist that I am, I have pretty much given up on goals, systems, programs, whatever one would like to call them. I have my own beliefs and approaches toward fulfilling my dreams and the structures that so many ‘out there’ advocate and subscribe to, are simply not of my choosing. 🙂 And to your thoughtful question, fear has little constructive place in my life – at least the kind of fear that is manufactured, baseless, spread by others, etc. I recognize the need for and value of fear in threatening situations but otherwise, I choose to focus my energy and intentions on its antithesis. Thanks for all of the brain ‘fodder,’ Brad.


  2. Hi Eric, I had a friend say about the same thing for the Heliotrope. I wouldn’t want to live there either, but laud the achievement. Shall we call you the plant whisperer? 🙂 Pleased and surprised to hear that you don’t use goals, only because you’re a coach, and I thought goal setting was a big part of coaching. You’re welcome on the brain fodder, though truthfully I’m aiming lower, for heart fodder!


  3. Reblogged this on DIE TRYING and commented:
    The Tearful Goodbye, Ashly Williams. This is why people follow their hearts, why you move out of your comfort zone, why you try, why you live your life with passion, because you just never know how good you are. “Lightning could strike” Meet Joe Black xxx


    • Thanks again Melanie! Yes it does. You’ve been a busy gal hovering around my blog. I’m delighted to have you & your international perspective visit my outpost in the AR hinterlands. Now I must look up where Toulouse is located or send out the satellite! Brad


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