Feeling Groovy

~ the album begins music washes over me soul connections fire tingles ignite my body feeling very groovy now ~ I had forgotten how much music can impact me. I listen to music all the time, especially while driving for my courier job. But rarely do I sit and listen to an album like I…


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Soulful Sunday 108

This week Soulful Sunday explores the nurturing power of nature. I’ve been feeling the call of nature. One touch of nature makes the whole world kin. ~ William Shakespear I’ve been busy getting ready for another move. One that I hadn’t planned on. My landlord asked me to move out of the house so she…

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Awesome Stories 375

This week Awesome Stories brings you love, soul food, and digital holidays. Love and gratitude This episode will be the last Awesome Stories for now. My interest in these stories has been waning for a while. I need to find what inspires me. It may not even be writing. Lately, I seem to have to…

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Soul Food

Soul Food ~ forms reaching skyward while colors and textures play soul merging with art ~ We just had a Grand Reopening Celebration for our local performing arts center called the Walton Arts Center. The event was filled with excitement as people feasted on food, music, and celebration. It was too much noise and stimulation for me…

Hummingbird Shuffle, poetry

Hummingbird Shuffle

Hummingbird Shuffle   sipping sweet nectar dancing blossom to blossom sooth my hungry soul ~ buzz, hover, shuffle shimmering body of light dance into my heart     Photo: Dave Mosher/Wired.com I just found this fun video that presents a more whimsical view on the hummingbird shuffle. 🙂