Feeling Groovy

This summer when I was feeling hot, not groovy!


the album begins

music washes over me

soul connections fire

tingles ignite my body

feeling very groovy now


I had forgotten how much music can impact me.

I listen to music all the time, especially while driving for my courier job. But rarely do I sit and listen to an album like I did this weekend. And nowadays, I’m usually listening to stations on Pandora or Jango where the songs come from different artists, albums, feelings, and vibes. There is something about making the music the primary focus, not a background for other things, that shifts things for me. I was totally present with the music, allowing it to move me, both my body and feelings.

Certain music also stirs and feeds my soul. I forgot how nice it feels to let the music wash over me, cleansing and feeding me. Then I felt called to dance with the music in a slow purposeful way. What I sometimes call soul dancing, where my focus is very inward. Even though I’m dancing, my main focus is inward, allowing the music to open a channel to my soul. Much like what happens in nature, I come alive, feeling connected and part of something bigger.

Here is one of the two albums that fed me this weekend (Sade’s Love Deluxe). The other album is Spiritus; the Breath of Life by Lorellei, but I didn’t find it on YouTube. Sade’s voice is very soulful and evocative. Please listen and let me know what you think. Or tell me what music feeds your soul.


If not music, I hope you find what feeds your soul, and make time to listen to its beautiful music.

Let’s get groovy!


58 thoughts on “Feeling Groovy

  1. I love Sade! I can remember listening to her Diamond Life album – love it! Jackson Brown’s Hold Out also. It’s been a very, very long time since I’ve experienced what you are describing. I might need to indulge, take the time to be swept away by the vibes. Would be a nice change! Thanks for sharing your experience Brad! Donna

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  2. I love Sade too Brad and I love “soul dancing” as you called it. Music is so very important to me as well and I have often danced to it in a dark room so only the music is my focus. I also love music when I’m writing as it helps me channel better. And I use music as my focus when I’m cleaning the house to make it more fun.. I’ll dance and sing with the fur babies as my audience. They love it too lol! Anyway, thank you for sharing this post and reminder for others how powerful music can be to shift how we feel. I love feeling your joy and self nurturing goodness beam through! YAY!

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  3. It’s wonderful to hear the excitement in your writing and yes I can totally relate. I love music, and do love Sade. You have reminded me to listen to much more music to move my soul:). Thank you Brad…I love people like Carly Simon, Carol King, and so many more….but yes I do love Sade:). As I come up with more names I will let you know….

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  4. Beautiful post Brad. Like you I also love music and I agree that when it’s listened to purposefully and not as background music it takes on a whole new energy. And I love Sade! Had some of her albums years ago, same as Loreena McKennett. Both very soulful voices. Josh Groban is another favourite of mine. Keep smiling and keep dancing Brad.πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒ

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  5. I loved reading this column (and listening to the exquisite Sade while I read the comments!) And hurrah for listening to an album/CD with full focus! And for dancing! Like many fellow commenters, I love Sade and also use music to motivate me in different ways throughout the day/week/month. I only listen to Madonna, for example, when I am doing financial stuff like entering receipts into a spreadsheet or working on my taxes. One of my most favorite bands/artists of all time is The Blue Nile (from Scotland, I think). They are very soulful β€” Annie Lennox, another one of my favorite artists, recorded one of their songs… Hurrah for music and the humans who are moved by it!

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  6. What beautiful music, Brad. I’ve had Sade’s cd for decades. And I love Lorellei’s music. It gives me the chills, it’s so beautiful. I’m glad you took the time to listen and move. I need to make time for the same, so thank you for the nudge. We are musical creatures and beautiful music feeds our souls. Hugs.

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  7. Music is great fuel for the soul, Brad. Your post and writing is magic; you capture this feeling for many of us: music allows us to come into rhythm with the world and specifically our world to bring peace (at least internally, and that is a great start). I’m with you; when there is an album or playlist that allows us to move and get lost in it… it is a gift. Something we should often take part of… losing ourselves in music is the best way to be found. Cheers to a great weekend and a great final month ahead of the year!

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  8. You have lots of readers who are Sade fans, Brad, and I am another one. I listen to many genres of music. My kitty prefers Brazilian jazz 😻, so that’s what plays in the background at my house most days! But I love bands like the Eagles, Grand Funk Railroad, Pearl Jam & Foo Fighters, as well as R & B crooners like Luther Vandross & Will Downing. Ever hear of Sounds of Blackness? A very cool spiritual ensemble. I enjoy listening to freestyle when I work out, and for Christmas, I like the Kenny Lattimore holiday station. I could go on & on! Music has always been a very important part of my life as well. Have a great week, Brad! 🌞

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    • Clearly, you’re a music fan Lisa! It seems you listen more than I do. I actually had an album from Sounds of Blackness and enjoyed their voices and vibe very much. You mentioned a couple of artists I don’t know (Will Downing and Kenny Lattimore). To music and feeding our souls. πŸ•ΊπŸŽΆ


  9. Great encouragement. I love background music, and don’t often stop to listen like you did. For me, I love certain stations, depending upon what I am doing. I have tried to convince myself I know the words to songs in the car, and find comfort in knowing no one can hear me if I get it wrong. My car, my song, right? And when I clean….turn it up. Sending continued, fun thoughts for you.

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  10. A thoughtful poem, Brad. You describe the way many of us feel when we hear a good song or a song that speaks to us. Music is powerful and for some of us, it can help us tap into deep emotions. I used to listen to music on the radio many years ago. These days I prefer browse Youtube or Spotify for songs, usually picking a playlist to match my mood or what I’m interested in hearing. I like Sade and remember listening to her earlier stuff a while back. Looks like quite a few Sade fans here 😊

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  11. It is amazing how music changes and enhances your mood. This is definitely soulful and soothing. I was recently remembering how we used to sit and listen to albums in college and immerse ourselves in the liner notes. Now I am dating myself! πŸ™‚ Glad you got your groove on, Brad!

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