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Autumn Treats

Autumn Treats No time for creative writing today, just a few photos from the last few weeks with our extended warm weather and flowers hanging on. Saying goodbye to my beautiful garden. Thanks for all the beauty and joy! The last hurrah from my zinnias.                    …

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Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home after endless search stillness feels good to his heart time to rest his soul ~ he realized home was closer than imagined right in his garden

spring, joy, flowers

Spring Songs

Spring Songs take a walk with me oh what sights we’ll see daffodils, redbuds and tulips bring smiles to my lips ~ the birds are singing my heart is ringing such glories abound my gratitude profound ~ why do we wait for joy we don’t have to be coy choice is the key for happiness…

garden, summer, joy, poetry

Summer’s Last Breath

Summer’s Last Breath like Shakespeare she won’t easily give up the fight flowers still blooming with secret scents and sirens in the night heard by worker bees and butterflies who¬†dance in delight come feed and rest upon these garden delights nature offering her precious beauty and lights fall will come soon enough with her glorious…

sunflowers, garden delights

Garden Goodness

Garden Goodness oh what a beautiful sight birds singing in delight flowers exploding in exotic show with colors so vibrant they glow bees sipping on nectar so fine they’re buzzing in flight divine hummingbirds dazzling in magic flight ants marching home for the night my heart is bursting with love grateful for the garden goodness…