Spring Songs

Spring Songsflowers, joy, poetry

take a walk with me

oh what sights we’ll see

daffodils, redbuds and tulips

bring smiles to my lips

~spring, joy, flowersspring, flowers, joy

the birds are singing

my heart is ringing

such glories abound

my gratitude profound


why do we wait for joy

we don’t have to be coy

choice is the key

for happiness to be


The first two photos are from my yard. Then next two are from our lovely downtown square where we have our farmers market which starts this weekend! It is easy to be joyful with the arrival of spring. Yet the gratitude in my heart reminds me that we can choose to be open and alive, singing with joy regardless of the season or circumstances.Β spring, joy, flowers

May your heart be joyful!



40 thoughts on “Spring Songs

  1. Wonderful photo’s Brad.. as is your Spring poem.. Yes the signs of spring now everywhere.. and the Sun makes us feel so much brighter too… I am not long back from a walk.. and really feel rejuvenated with a Spring! in my step LOL..
    Thank you for sharing Brad.. have a glorious Easter Weekend.. πŸ™‚

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  2. Nothing quite like spring in the garden, spring in the air ~ and a great spring poem to get things started for the weekend. Wonderful poem Brad, gives me a great smile as I start the day…a perfect gift. Cheers!

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  3. Sounds wonderful. It seems you have created a very interesting life involving two of my passions (photography and travel) that I didn’t fully pursue when I had more means. I would love to hear more about how your crafted your interesting life. to passions and spring…


  4. Beautifully done Brad…indeed spring brings so much promise…but oh the joy and the love that is in us will always be there year round. Today I find myself seeking the beauty and healing in the words of dear friends and I am blessed to come here and find such in your space! Many blessings to you my dear friend and may love and light forever be yours. ~Matthew


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