Summer Thrills

Billowy clouds build overhead.


excitement and hope fill the air

as billowy clouds build and winds gust

neighbors gather outside to witness a miracle

the prospect of rain a pungent prayer

skies darken with immense clouds, and then it begins

blessed rains pour from the sky as if from a spigot

birds sing, humans rejoice, and trees sigh

gratitude dancing in our hearts


The clouds continue to build and the skies darken as we watch with hope.

This rainstorm last week was the peak thrill of our summer. The extreme heat and dry weather continue and have kept me indoors much more than usual. This one brief downpour was the only rain we’ve had in two months. The grass is brown and bone dry, with wilting bushes, and tree leaves turning brown and dropping to conserve energy. I’m missing nature, exercise, and fresh air, while very grateful for my air conditioning. I feel bad for those who are facing this heat without AC.

The storm begins in the distance as we pray for the rain to come our way.

Gratitude and joy fill our hearts as the rains begin.

Thank you God nature spirits.

May you bring relief to our parched lands and souls.


63 thoughts on “Summer Thrills

  1. I feel this viscerally! Thank you for continuing to share the wisdom of nature with us Brad. I have a special relationship with the clouds. And your post today reminded me to β€” look up and receive the bounty of the storms and the sun. May your day be filled with the peace you share. Andrea

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  2. Pungent prayer! We are very dry here in MA, too. We were supposed to have thunderstorms yesterday and we ended up with barely a sprinkle of rain. Lots of thirsty trees/bushes/plants remain… I have noticed, however, that the grass under/near trees is still greenish while the grass with no daily shade is brown. Hurrah for all that trees do to keep our planet liveable!!!

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  3. So happy you got some refreshing rain Brad… Loved your descriptive poetry that expressed the Joy… And like you we too in England was very thankful of the rain we had after the heat… Great photos of the clouds and the rain dropping in the distance.. ❀
    I hope you continue to have a wonderful week ❀

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  4. Morning Brad – thank you for the fabulous photographs and wonderful words….first of hope and excitement at the prospect of rain….and then rain, glorious rain. But now it’s gone… It is the same story here in the UK…brown fields and grass everywhere….causing fires to be sparked.
    Oh beautiful rain do please com back again.
    I remember in the sixties and seventies wise ones predicting that there would be water wars!
    Let’s hope that we all get rain soon. XX

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  5. I can FEEL that storm and I’m hoping the rain vibrations will come our way, too. New England is in a drought, but we’ve had some rain in the summer, but much less than needed. Horrible that your area hadn’t had any in two months. ;-0 I love the electricity in the air as we wait for an impending storm. And the release is just magnificent. Great verse here Brad, as well as the cloud photos.

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