Iridescent Iris

One of my all-time favorite closeup shots.


radiant colors

petals drenched in liquid love

a fleeting beauty


Another angle.


Her purple partner is pretty wonderful too!

We’re in the middle of a relentless heat wave with no rain and temperatures in the upper 90s for the third week in a row. So I’m staying indoors reading, sorting old photos, and watching shows on the computer. I hope you enjoy these iris images I found from last spring. Iris blossoms are so beautiful but very fleeting!

May your week be filled with beauty.


59 thoughts on “Iridescent Iris

  1. Sorry to learn about your heatwave, Brad. Stay well hydrated (and grateful for clean water + shady home!) Thank you for these sensuous, intimate, wonderful images of dewy (?) iris. I love when you use your macro-closeup lens β€” and artistic, nature-revering eye!

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  2. Brad, your photos of these stunning Irises is a treat to the senses. The dew drops or have you watered them. Whichever, it is beautiful.
    We also have a heatwave and struggle as the North of Europe generally don’t have air conditioning in the homes.
    Seems climate really showing us it is changing.


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  3. You may be in a dry spell Brad but the flowers seem to have found the moisture…Aren’t they lovely as well as your words. Stay as cool as possible and get that indoor stuff taken care of! Hopefully cooler weather will prevail soon….VK πŸ™‚

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  4. A magnificent fleeting beauty, indeed.

    We are also having an intense heatwave for us….after. only four days of temps in the high eighties, low nineties, plus much higher temps forecast for the coming weekend…for we Brits it is highly debilitating….add to that very few people have air. conditioning. Ah well…I am grateful to be surrounded with trees and the river close by. Stay cool Brad……this too shall pass. XX

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      • It is the ‘River Thames’ which is a tidal river and so can be very dangerous to swim in, however there are designated areas where people can swim. In this heat children are jumping/diving off a lot of the walking bridges that cross the river – which is totally undersatandable. We are having a three day reprieve where it is relatively cooler but then on Sunday it really heats up….

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  5. I saw your photos and made a little audible gasp. Then laughed at myself. So beautiful, Brad. I love these close-ups. They capture such stunning color and design, and the water makes them utterly magical. Your haiku is exquisite. Sorry to hear about the heat. Stay cool.

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  6. Oooh those pictures are magical!! I love the magic of waterdrops up close β™₯ Hope it cools down soon Brad! Here we have the hottest day of the year – and I have driving lessons today! Hope the highway doesn’t melt πŸ˜‰

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