Lake Wilson

Lake Wilson


nature in full bloom

summer heat, resplendent life

chill lakeside moments


I recently visited another local lake called Lake Wilson. It’s been so hot that being near water is soothing, yet, also oddly tortuous since most of our local lakes do not allow swimming. It reminds me again of how much fun I had in Madison, WI where there were several lakes around town easily accessible by the bike trails. This was ideal for me, being able to bike, swim, play, and enjoy town all safely and easily on my bike.

I’ve been struggling both to keep my spirits up and to find inspiration to write. Instead of forcing myself to write, I’m going to give myself permission to write less, post less often, and/or post photos only.

And it’s good to remember, we’re worthy of love no matter what we accomplish or don’t.

Blessings, Brad


54 thoughts on “Lake Wilson

  1. Yes. We ARE worthy of love no matter what we do or don’t accomplish. Your photos are sublime — and always inspire me to take a deep breath and sloooow down for a moment. If writing poetry or prose to accompany them is too challenging right now, please bring on more of Brad’s photos! And I agree about lakes/ponds in which one is not allowed to swim — so “oddly tortuous…”

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  2. Yes you are worthy my friend… and you are love. Whatever you feel called to do or not do is perfect. With Autumn here, perhaps the fall colors will be inspiring, but it’s also a perfect time to just surrender and be. Sending hugs and appreciation for you.

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  3. Hi Brad,
    Beautiful pictures. I never swan in a lake, and would love to, and hope to.
    I am sorry you are not feeling that great. Do what brings you joy!
    But with that said, I know that sometimes I have to force myself to do things I don’t feel like doing, such as exercising, writing, etc. And once I do them, my spirits are immediately lifted.
    What about writing about what is troubling you?
    I am sending you blessings and love! ♥♥
    ps. don’t disappear from here, you would be sorely missed. 😦

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    • Thank you for the kind support Ana. Writing has become a chore rather than a joy. I keep going mostly for our community and the connections. Yes, sometimes we need to push and sometimes let go. The trick is knowing which is most appropriate! Hugs…🧡

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  4. Stunning photos, Brad and it looks so welcoming for a swim! We have several smaller lakes nearby that do not allow swimming which is frustrating during heatwaves. I’m sorry you’re feeling low at the moment and you do right to listen to yourself, write and post when able. We are always here, wishing you well. Take care.

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  5. Aww, Brad. You take care of yourself by whatever means necessary. If that means writing less and not worrying about posting, then that is what you must do. I hope you go for some more walks and find little morsels of beauty and magic. Your photos and poem are gorgeous, by the way. Lots of love to you, Brad. 🍄HNS

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  6. Yes, it’s important to give ourselves permission to rest. Our culture has taught, for too long, that we are worthless if we’re not busy all the time. Enjoy your rest, Brad!

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  7. Your photos are stunning. For those of us that live in areas where trees are not prominent, your captures sooth my soul….so peaceful!! As to you pulling back a bit….let it come when it does…no need to force it, as when it does come, trust me your posts are inspirational!!

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